Thursday, December 5, 2013


Advanced Output
by Ryex

There it is again.  Another Robert Pollard record.  His 20th solo stint creeping along with the 20th Guided By Voices release come February.  Scheduled to be released the 9th of December.  Early Holiday treat.  Could this be his last solo record?

Stream on Spin
Get The Job 

Sunday, December 1, 2013


December Embers
by Ryan Avellanosa

It's December the First.  It's time to try and lift up our spirits once more.  It's that time of the year once again to bring cheers and happiness to each and everyone.  So here's a little something I found out of bandcamp.  This is a neat collection released in 2009 for the Holidays.

The Layaways is basically an indie rock band from Chicago.  Don't need to know so much about the band except that they play indie pop and shoegaze.  The Layaways is a real good find after all.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Flew and Flying
Ryan Avellanosa

This is a pretty good find. But I'm afraid I can't describe this release in full detail. Because I believe this record needs more than just a passive listening to. For lack of a better word. And I also believe that this record deserves more credit. This record was released just recently 2012 by The Flying Nuns. which I guess speaks for itself. The Flying Nuns Records was established by a record store owner who had the vision of producing music from his New Zealand descent. That move grew to what has become New Zealand rock I suppose.  You'll have to listen for yourself to know how they sounded like.  

This record has twenty tracks from twenty bands.   The 19th track, The Doublehappys' Some Fantasy stood out for me at first play. I sure hope someone would try to take heed for no one I'm afraid has anyway. I dare someone tell me which band wrote the tracks Some Fantasy.  You can find The Verlaines + Shayne Carter's version on Youtube.  Still can't tell which is better. And I yet have to listen to it more and more.

Friday, November 22, 2013


Polish Shoegaze
by Rayn de Cervantes Avellanosa

This is something different.  Something unexpected from my perspective.  They hail from Poland of all places.  No wonder they somehow or really did sounded a little strange, and for how their names sounded,  Judy's Funeral are Filip Rojek on drums, Piotr Piórkowski on guitar and vocals, and Marcin Lewandowski.  It's punk rock, with a mix of shoegaze and indie.  Just the right sound to be these days.  Though this one is released last April and is their debut  , you'd find their latest on bandcamp. 


Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Intensive Care Unified
By: Rayn de Cervantes Avellanosa

Besides being English and having been in the music business when I was just around five months old, Wire is one of the most influential underrated bands of their generation.  The punk rock of their time was utile crucial to what has to become what indie music is today.  The early and the late 70s I'd say has produced quite a number of legendary bands such as The Ramones, The Cure, The Clash to name a few.  Some of these bands still thrive to produce music not because they ought to but because they just do.

Wire's career spanned almost for four decades now.  They have a great following considering that they drift in and out of the music scene.  Some of their fans that express fondness for the group include The Smith's Johnny Marr, Guided By Voices' Robert Pollard, Helmet's Page Hamilton, Robert Smith, Sonic Youth and R.E.M. .  This 2013 and 13th release, "Change Becomes Us" has been well received by critics and followers alike.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Bassist Kims
Released: Sept 2013

Kim Shattuck replacing Kim Deal as the new bassist, not bad at all. They're now touring everywhere I hear especially in certain parts of Europe.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Join the Armi's
Released: 2013

Philippines Post-Rock Pioneers Up Dharma Down.  My new favorite Filipino band.  Just the right mix of feel-good calmative music.  Armi Millare's voice gives me the goosebumps brought up by her passionate delivery.  The tracks "Thinker" and "Feelings" for me stood out among the others. And the version of Feelings featuring Paul Buchanan (Blue Nile) is an awesome add-on treat.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Instrumental Math Rock
Released: December 2007

I was completely blown away by this band. Giraffes Giraffes are Joseph Andreoli and Kenneth Topham.  Highly technical yet so free and complacent. One of those bands that would make you go squirm and think of how music should sound these days.  Guitar tapping and complicated drum patterns.  The fill-ins are unmistakably generous and profound.   Every song embodies just the right amount of conflict that almost tells the whole story within. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Release Date: 2001 Jan

This is Should's single "These Days" recorded circa 1999-2000. This only release was as part of a compilation on the Best Kept Secret tape label in 2001.  Indie, dreampop, shoegaze band from Baltimore.  You should listen to Should.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


The Will To Wait
by: Ryex

Come September 17th, Sebadoh will release an album after more than a decade of waiting and after the obscure EP Secret.  The power trio Lou Barlow, Jason Loewenstein, and Bob reunited and has declared that they stuck to their formula.  Sebadoh is one of the lo-fi pioneers of indie rock.  They have come a long way, since having their own solo stints, and side bands (Lou on Dinosaur Jr. & Jason on Sparkalepsy), they reunited with Bob to produce this recording which apparently would also be released on audio cassettes.  Bring it on Sebadoh.  I have waited for this.  And am willing to wait for a little more. 

Domino Records
Album Trailer

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Ben Sharp + Adam Castle
Released: 2012 Aug

More of admiration than pleasure, Cloudkicker is Ben Sharp's semi-computer generated ambient stint. A remarkable fusion of progressive rock, shoegaze, math rock and metal. Very pleasing to the most wanderous ears. I find this record a blast for those who prefer music without vocals or just quenching a thirst for the instrumental. The tracks sounded like an unending precursor for a band's longest foreplay. A continuing rhythm of profound ups and lows.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Live with Demos
Released:  2004 Apr

It took longer than usual. Had to be so patient about it, and it has finally arrived. Haven't felt genuine joy for a long time with music. Have been a Guided By Voices fan/freak for years now. This awesome prolific band that continues to give. And as the classic lineup continues its hiatus ironically calling it a reunion, I've been crawling and digging deeper into Guided By Voices' most awesome guitar player and second voice, Mr. Tobin Sprout. For a whole day today, I declared it a "Tobin Sprout Day". A perfect weather for an unusually perfect day, everything just seem to be alright. And it seemed the right time to sit this record in, unmindful of people, family and friends. Just the right amount of daylight, the atmosphere, and the wonderful environment. A perfect record for a healthy sense of life.

Well there's always a story behind every good Live record. Around late 90's, after leaving Guided By Voices, after opening his own art gallery, relocating and writing for records, Tobin germinated out after almost a decade. Sprout and his band played these tracks at the Horseshoe Tavern in April 0f 2004. Apparently, the performance was set to be his discography or "a best of some sort. This record reached my place with the help of the internet and the up/download/torrent community. I admit that this was not an easy find. Had to see it , watch for it, reached out, dug in, and grabbed it, with gusto. This has 29 live tracks, and more than five piano tracks considered to be demos for his next release.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Calmative Complex
Melodic Math Rock Power Trio

Released: 2013 Jan

This is TTNG's second official release if I'm not mistaken.  And this is timely for the year 2013 not mentioning the album name, this is Math Rock, a more melodic one indeed.  One could  not make out their music pattern directly or by first hand.  Their sound sort of  plays out like fireflies in your head.  And as the more you play it, the more you can't make out the next shift, pattern and intervals.  That makes it wonderful. is more technical than the earlier Animals which I yet have to listen to. This release was technically described as a smart use of asymmetrical time signatures and complex accenting between guitar and drums, with minimal use of distortion and guitar effects, giving way to more complex melodies.  The music from this power trio from Oxford, United Kingdom, would most likely remain among those full track album records that I play on point.


Thursday, July 4, 2013


Airborne Shoegaze
Yuki Chikudate & James Hanna


Perfectly Crystal
... Softly through the air Angels stars surround me Seems like it's been forever Think I just need a moment Sorry I need reminding I've never been so good at trying please don't leave me behind We've become what we never wanted just like water and fire ... Softly beneath, I ignore all the edges aside me Holding myself so still, don't even feel the...You suddenly start believing ... Nothing to see is mine. We always do what we never need to The worlds we built they fall We'll fall down down down We'll go down down down

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Pollard and His Other Crew
The Greatest Hits
Released: 2012

John The Dwarf Wants To Become An Angel
Come On Baby Grace


Prog Rock/Instrumental
Released: 2013 Jun

Your Mind Is A Box
(Let Us Fill It With Wonder)

Will Sergeant & Les Pattinson with Nick Kilroe
Echo and the Bunnymen minus Ian McCulloch


Second Single from The Life Pursuit
Released: 2006 Apr

The Blues Are Still Blue

Look at the kid from school He's teaching mamas and papas how to be a little cool He's changing fashion, the way he dress The tracksuits are old, and the hoody's way too moody For a kid with the will to funk He dances in secret; he's a part-time punk She's getting off the plane She wants to write a thesis on the population underprivileged The kids fighting up the lane Shop lifting, just drifting Like The Switchblade And The Cross But if there's trouble she's got the moves She's taking an elementary class in Kung fu I left my washing in the launderette You can put some money on it, you can place a little bet That when I see my washing The black will be grey and the white will be grey But the blues are still blue 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The Bonus Track Rarity on Diary


Shapes Of An Army Brings Dreams With Them While I glow through (reprimand, them remain) One Time I Broke My Vow Holding A Sign With No Meaning I Read Between The Lines Once I’m Caught In Your Web What Is Even Said Laid Down A Bed Of Sorrow where Hope is (memory, an enemy) Once I’m caught In Your Web Broken Promises This Rainfall [Still Lost Inside of your web] side of them. Wait without [you know exactly who you are] run to me. Wont for me [still lost in side of your web] down the well. Wait without [you know exactly who you] run to me. One Time I Broke My Vow We Laid Out Circle Of Roses Symbolize What Was Forever Once I’m caught In Your Web Broken Promises 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


British Shoegazing
Released: 1990

Like A Daydream
The way your hair hangs down it hides away your face For you it's perfect when it seems like such a waste And when I see you gliding past I make my plans And then my plans slip through my fingers just like sand I wish that life could be just like a photograph One moment captured as you laugh your perfect laugh But that's a daydream, things could never be so right There's so much more to think about than black and white 

Monday, June 10, 2013


Raw Power and Unhinged Energy
Date Released: 2013 Apr

Born To Kill
I was born to kill I was made to slay Unafraid to spill blood on the land When you command I will I am locked to fate Locked to the lives I take I will never be done, I’ll always be hungry And each final breath I take burns a bright fire inside of me And it keeps me alive, it keeps me alive I was born to kill I was made to slay Unafraid to feel Blood on my hands, When you command I will I am locked to joy Locked to the lives I destroy I will never be dry, I’ll never be satisfied And each final breath I take Burns a bright fire inside of me And it keeps me alive It keeps me alive Till the day in the dirt I lie Till my ashes scatter in the sea I will not be denied my destiny I was born to kill I was made to slay Unafraid to sṗill blood on the land When you command I will I was born to kill When you command I will 


Indie Duo Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward
Release Date: 2013 May

I Could've Been Your Girl
It doesn't matter, if I were willing It doesn't matter that the lights are dimmed down low, oh oh I know you have to go It doesn't matter, I fought my heart It's broke and shattered to a million and one Undone, I guess I haven't won Cause I could've been your girl And you could've been my four leaf clover If I could do it over I'd send you the pillow that I cry on

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Rarity Tracks
Released: 2012 Oct

The Exploding Boy

I couldn't hear a word you said I couldn't hear at all you talked until your tongue fell out and then you talked some more I knew if i turned I'd turn away from you and I couldn't look back tell yourself we'll start again tell yourself it's not the end tell yourself it couldn't happen not this way not today

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Drone Noise Shoegazing Slowcore
Date Released: 2008 Apr

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Indie Rock Duo
Released: 2000 Jan

It's The Law

I thought you were alright But I wouldn't die without you by my side Lawrence is on the way down Toss your bone Follow you down Lawrence is on the way down


Non-Linear and Conceptual
Released: 2011 Aug

Green To Me 

The morning image from the satellite is all blue and green And we've all got wounds to clean Here's a rag, here's some gasoline She wakes up fine and rested well Released at last from in the sleeping cell Breathing comes with ease It's a sweet revenge Built on a chemical ride My medicine man is the best Wires to the temples, place them on Lace them on, let's see how we sound It's all green to me What a sweet revenge It's all green to me See them lift off one by one I see a cool spot here let's bring her down Pedal to the ground A lovely mess That I am blessed to see Of me She lifts her wings up high Send her shrill of a lifetime until we die All the dreams, details Affected in the colored sky The morning image from the satellite is all blue and green And we've all got wounds to clean Here's a rag, here's some gasoline It's all green to me


The Renegades
Released: 1987

She Comes On

Prayin' She's been layin' Across the face Of a dangerous fall Playin' She's been Gyrating When keeping still would kill She will call When passion kills my train of thought And nerve is all I've got Baby she comes on Yeah she comes on Wow baby she comes on Waitin' She's been anticipating The face of a dangerous fall Sleeping She's been Creeping When keeping still would kill she will call When passion kills my train of thought And nerve is all I've got Taking her back to your place And you know and you say you don't know man You've been lyin' for so long Her ribbons and bows may have fell to the floor But man you don't know Baby don't break no more

Friday, May 31, 2013


American hardcore and Bob Mould
For Record Store Day 2013

You get all pissed off and hang around with your so called friends what is all about do everything you've got to do tell me tell me tell me are you different are you new? no you're just a statue You hang around Surround yourself beautiful faces think everybodys

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Unreleased Live Set performed at a goth club
Released: 2011 Nov

Won't you believe it? It's just my luck. No recess! Won't you believe it? It's just my luck. No recess! You're in high school again. No recess!

“This is from our next record, it’s gonna be out in September or something like that. It’s gonna be a rock n roll record! It’s gonna have all your rock favorites, and… it’s gonna be a blast!” - KB Apr 18, 1990


Barlow's Solo Awesome Recording
Release Date: 2010 Jul

Home (5th Track)
Look at you hiding behind your sweater What I want to say Let it fall away I don't care If we're alone, can be trusted on my own I can never bring you home Second guess I drift in all directions Once impressed, half undressed all day I'm not strong You don't believe I may be wrong That I can never bring you home If I do and don't resist you I'm too in love to really miss you In fact I'm frozen over joy Yes I did and yes I want to But nothing good can come to Someone pretending he is alone Yes I did and yes I want to But nothing good can come to Someone pretending he is alone Who can never bring you home 


1-Track Album for I Razor Soundtrack]
Pollard & Tobias Lineup Released: 2013 Mar

All The Good Ones Are Gone
All the good ones are gone Listen to the grace life Bury all forgiveness Tell they're waiting Forget your shiny apple There's no teacher There's always someone following us We are all crazy Erasing every reason of the mind Chasing that's left behind Crossing all examinations still lecture on the will In victory they launch Not a bad one in the bunch All the good ones are gone In ways of song And some dramatic soundtrack Given up the process They are done Arriving now with no more cost to run Attempt a golden office Wait in haste People do nothing to fight And all shall be forgiven in the end 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Triumphant live document of a band shining at their brightest.
Released: 2007 Jun

The Leanover
If I lose you uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, mmm if i, if i, if i, if i, if i b-b-b-b-baby g g g, so g g g, you you you if i lose you if i lose you uh huh, uh huh if i lose you in the street if i lose you in the street if i lose you in the street at night if i lose you in the street if i lose, don't be sad if i lose you in the street if i lose you in the street, hey if i lose you in the street g g come here come here come feel for you kiss me, break my mind, close the door black steel, break my mind, close the door black steel, the sight of you falling out the sight of you if i lose you in the street, six if i lose you in the street i say, i say, i say, i say, i say, i say wassup, wassup with you? wassup with your friends? high hills, high hills oh i, m b v m b v m b v m b v m b v more m b v hi fi i wanna see you stand up, stand up, stand up in the high hills don't trade, don't don't i don't trade don't trade, don't don't i don't trade may i, may i walk with you? may i walk with you? uh-oh in the time takes to slide it back in the time it changes, recorded at the automat san francisco mixed with uh-oh in the time takes to slide it back in the time it changes shhhhh emotional chi, emotional chi come on baby, don't fuss in the time takes to slide it back say a what say a what eh eh eh eh eh eh eh in the time takes to slide it back questions say what i like you mostly late at night hold tight, hold tight, hold tight with a tight budokan warp, budokan warp, we warp b b b b b freestyle i like you mostly late at night break my mind, break my mind in the time takes to slide it back raining in my room, sweet and sleepy wassup wassup i can remember i can remember four we can we can we can we can three keep us together keep us together keep us together in the time takes sliding back in the time takes sliding back in the time takes sliding back


Pitchfork Media's 81st best album of the 1980s
NME's #33 Albums of the Year 1988
Date Released: 1988 Sep

Carolyn's Fingers

When he said, 'you are full of love' She fell down into this dirty mess Some people see me laugh and tell us, 'it's wrong to make fun of me' (even they don't give any more) (try, try to fall) She fell down into this mess (even then they don't give) (try, try to fall) She fell down and he's so sick of it all And of me This part not out of her saw fit to drop Whispers might prove it all (you're just closer to me when you fall, but you broke) This would prove it all (you just closer to me, but you broke) This would prove it all Sleep now You susur, try to talk Reach out for that hand Reach out for that hand (and even they don't give any more) (try, try to fall) Even then they don't give (try, try to fall) You just closer to me at the fall But you don't want, want me hand You're just closer to me But you don't want, want my hand 


UK Pop Duo Robin Hild and Sue West
Released: 1986

You Don't Know

Don't believe the things That people tell you I know more Than they ever could and Somewhere there is someone That feels the pain The same as I do Anger and confusion I feel inside But what can I do You don't know the way I feel inside You don't know how much it hurts my pride When I'm crying out to you Tell me to be strong It's easy to say But when things go wrong It's so hard to be You and I share The secrets of so many years We've been together Feeling exclusive can't be described So I can't share it 


Fronted by former Jesus & Mary Chain drummer Bob Gillespie
Date Released: 1987 Jun 

Gentle Tuesday

Shadow masking matters Can't conceal the way you really feel It doesn't fit our souls exist That of they asked me how it is New morning dew for you Sweet honey hips your lips Hold spells when cast they dwell Like magic in your kiss Confusion colours cruel designs Unhappy girl, you're out of time Gentle tuesday Sad and lonely eyes Gentle tuesday See yourself tonight Memories as fat as bees Presents a mess of poison tears A word unkind that tricks our minds We really warned before your time Happiness, nothing less A universal way Bad seeds but fruit are sweet You choke on empty days Confusion colours cruel designs Unhappy girl you're out of time 


First solo Sprout (non GBV) album
Date Released: 2003

Courage The Tack
I'm just a chorus boy Lost in my own time Expecting the least Demanding the most She said Courage the tack will lead you back I'm offering to you I'm offering some salvation  I'm just a chorus boy Lost in my own time Demanding the least Expecting the most She said Courage the tack will lead you back She's offering to me She offered me some salvation Courage the tack will lead you back You offered me salvation


Featuring James Greer (ex-Guided By Voices) and Guylaine Vivarat
Date Released: 2012 Jun

Monochrome Girl
Televangelistic Drinking fisted Caught in headsets Following footlights Like nothing she had ever seen It wasn't just the color green I can't ask for more and I won't ask for more Than it opens out to the world For monochrome girl We all follow Cause we had nothing better to do I'm not sure that is true But it was something off the color blue It might as well be dead But she said go to bed Well it was better than the color red For monochrome girl

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Swedish Pop - Mini album Released in Japan
Date Released: 2011 May

When You Tell Me That You Love Me
When you tell me that you love me I still feel like I'm alone Last night I felt your heartbeat And it felt like coming home You know my hands are shaking And now my eyes won't dry The part of me still aching And I know that's not right Please don't go when I ask you to un you run around to take me  through I don't know what will be But it's alright now And that's what counts I wish that I could write you pages perfect words Like you were any other boyfriend Like I was any other girl I was staring at this blank page and staring back at me The words And all words just break to dust cause I really don't know how I feel


Indie Pop Duo
Release Date: 2012 May

All Things With Love 
Our love’s a train that doesn’t want to stop And you wonder how I think that this is for everyone So hold on to it I still think that this is for everyone that we know of Hold on to all things with love We all fall in love We all fall in love Why aren’t we naked Why aren’t we naked You’ve opened up my heart You’ve opened up my heart Now you can take it Now you can take it You have opened up my heart To hold on to things with love Our heart’s not real if it isn’t for everyone ‘Cause we know how to memorize all the passers-by If I could I’d make their stories mine We can turn it all around – Can we? We all fall in love Why aren’t we naked You’ve opened up my heart Now you can take it You have opened up my heart To hold on to things with love All things with love We all fall in love Why aren’t we naked You’ve opened up my heart Now you can take it We can never fall apart holding on to things with love You can give my life a start holding on to things with love 


Limited Edition
Release Date: 2013 May

01. A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours
02. Please, Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
03. Reel Around The Fountain
04. The Queen Is Dead
05. That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
06. Girlfriend In A Coma
07. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
08. How Soon Is Now
09. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
10. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

The Zip


Second Studio Album
Date Released: 2012 Apr

Be Ready When I Say Go
Hold your box of matches tight Keep the firelighters bright Let it burn and let it feel alright Share our bruises in the glow Let the firefighters know We just want to sit and watch the show We just want the fire in our bones We got this one licked Be ready when I say go Buy me at night she said Worms are always underfed Daylight never seems to wait for me Share disguises in the dark Tell the tiger he’s a shark We don’t ever want to be apart We just killed the fear in our hearts We got this one licked Be ready when I say go Feed us something we can tolerate Give us something we can taste Give us time so we can hibernate Make the waiting worth the wait I told you we’d grow up to be the soldiers When everyone gets a little older It’s just a feeling that you want to never remember We got this one licked Be ready when I say go


Ninth Studio Album
Date Released: 2013 Apr

The Journey
Don't be afraid to make this journey There will be There's no disgrace or guilt or shame Heaven To feel the shame To live again It's alright There is a land There is a sea There is a place where we can be There is a hope There is a dream Sometimes you gotta make the journey There will be hurt There will be pain There would be a lot of tears A lot of joy What we have left cannot be destroyed Time to move on To let it breathe What will be will be

Monday, May 27, 2013


Live at The BBC with Janice Long

Liquid Mercury
Liquid mercury, you were made for me Mine and mine alone, I’m not made of stone and..Rodney Street, 8 pounds a week was ankle deep in snow And ‘J’ was there with flaming hair, I couldn’t let it go Breath on Mersey waves, these are golden days I keep my heart enclosed for the girl that knows that. Rodney Street, 8 pounds a week was ankle deep in snow And ‘J’ was there with flaming hair, I couldn’t let it go


Twentieth Studio Album
Date Released: 2013 April

Xeno Pariah
Xeno Pariah Get out of the pool I taught you to school someday inside I tell you what to do The smile on your face is leaving a trace that hides you I'm taking strides with you Xeno Pariah I tried The truth's that you're crying Something's strange today To change you this way Enraging that way Estranging away To changing away Gonna run you away of something good inside you


Twelfth Studio Album
Release Date: 2013 Apr

Helen of Troy
Helen of Troy Is that your name Stupid girl Stupid game Helen of Troy Far away Are you Happy Now There to stay Because I cannot cry ever again Helen of Troy Black and white She cries all day And cries all night Helen of Troy You got so strong Does that make you right And make me wrong Because I cannot cry ever again Helen of Troy Broken down There's bits of you All over town


Ninth Studio Album
Date Released: 2013 Jan

I'll Stay With You
Hey, you, what is the matter Tell me the truth, I won’t laugh at you. Were his words cruel Were they unkind That guy’s a fool, he’s crossed the line. I’ll stay with you Till hell freezes over. We are at to each other Like sister and brother. You’re one of a kind, High on my agenda, Oh, I’ll change your mind, When will you surrender Remember that day, Your world fell apart It cut like a blade Right through your heart. And where were your friends Just when you needed them They were not there Why did you believe in them


Copyright 2013 Sheila and the Insects
Published 2013 ICO Music Publishing

Pretty Loser
Do you know the way? Do you know the turns and the side roads? The turns and the side roads that lead all the way to your heart People say you're pretty People say you're pretty much an angel An angel but dare I say you seem to believe it too much And all the neighbors think that you're something To some extent I tend to agree But if by chance you end up alone well I think I might take you in for free You're such a pretty loser That's why I want to make you mine A pretty pretty loser You're so a loser but I don't mind You want to steal the show You think you know it all and a lot more But girl, don't you think you've stretched your drama too far I can tell you all your dirty secrets See through all your lies People scare me, people warn me People ask me ask me why Yaddah yaddah yaddah yaddah yaddah Blah blah blah Yaddah yaddah yaddah yaddah yaddah Blah blah blah Can't you see it's such a complicated task? To dissect and study the anatomy of what you ask of me You're such a pretty loser That's why I want to make you mine A pretty pretty loser You're such a loser but I don't mind 'Cause you're such a pretty baby And I just thought that maybe Maybe I could make you mine My pretty loser My own pretty loser 


5th Studio Album
Release Date: 2013 May

I know you think I'm wrong but im not your tour guide Have a guess i don't let you look inside Cold dry stone What makes you want to carve your initials in me Rained and weathered erasing hard to read Find me distant outwardly rough obscene Cold dry stone Cold and dry, a stone Cold and dry, a stone I'm not a cornerstone in a palace for you Time will bring your very own hard truth Not to worry ice covered rocks still move Cold dry stone Cold dry stone

Monday, May 20, 2013


This here is new alternative.   You can call them what you want.  Call it Grunge, Indie Rock, or Modern Rock but it's easier to call it Alternative.  Remember when you get confused what to call the genre?,  It's better to call it the alternative meaning it's the other thing you want to call it.

These songs are fresh, which means they were released not long ago.  The best I could come up  without revisiting the other old alternative songs.  And they pretty much convey the same mood. Some bands were here for a long time now, but a number of them are really quite new.

01. The Journey - Big Country
02. Be Ready When I Say Go - Emperors
03. Let's All Kill Each Other - Soul Asylum
04. Be Careful What You Ask For - Everclear
05. I Don't Believe You - The Thermals
06. Speed of Love - James Iha
07. Kind of A Girl - Tinted Windows
08. Sugar - Shout Out Louds
09. I've Got a Wild Feeling - Milk Music
10. A Dip In The Ocean - Fountains of Wayne
11. Where We Come From - French Films
12. Favourite Colour - Tokyo Police Club
13. Change It All - The Breaking Waves
14. See and Be Scene - The Hard Lessons

The Zip
The Mix

Thursday, February 14, 2013


My Dear Delirious
by Righex

Who misses Grunge? I mean the Grunge Crunch era that we knew. The kind of music that will make you say "Yeah, it is grungy!" Like chewing a ball of hard and crunchy "chicharron" inside your mouth or your head being sawn off, a jawbreaker. Hot, hard and crisp. But you don't need your flannels just yet, just play on and strip this sound. This volume and for this month of February, let's visit back the angst-driven, root Seattle rock scene of the 80s, 90s and beyond. This is Grunge and their counterparts. I made it a point not to feature two tracks of the same band. These here is a colloidal mixture of the best of Grunge rock on my standpoint. So grab on to your seats or get loose and into the groove with this collection of doinks. Make sure you put your ears closer to the speakers and play it louder than usual. Take the Grunge Plunge everybody.


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Monday, February 4, 2013


Bloody Blue
by R C Kola

Echoing the news from The Guardian, "their last record was twenty two years ago". After the critically aclaimed Loveless, comes this new surprise album entitled simply as "m b v". Shields happened to be recording this on and off for two decades. This is an excellent pre-Valentine treat. Gaze on shoes or sleep a popful of dreams, this has to be the mood for at least a month's dose. MBV! MBV! MBV!

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