Friday, November 25, 2016


Gravity is Up
by RC /\vellanosa

You won't believe how I managed to have bought a compact disc copy of this particular album.  You won't believe how I fought to have my friends listen with me throughout.  Somehow it wasn't that interesting to them.  So I was happy to play along with a CD player.  Yes, a CD player.  And the USB flash drive isn't that affordable before.  I bought a 128MB flash that cost me more than a thousand pesos.  Wow! Those were the days.  These were the days to transcend.


Chassis Wheeling
by RC /\vellanosa

No wonder it's radio-friendly yet still unheard of. Though am not sure it's not that tasty down here.  For the shoegazey types and the hipster nineties (90s) rocker, this band os one of those that emerged in the shoegaze alternative rock scene.  But this find is quite rare.  Listen on.

Love my superstitious games Running circles round my brain when I'm left smiling I love to steal this living steam My head in someone's dream I'm tired of sleeping Call me crank, my idea Crank, so superior Crank, my conscience clear I build my canopy of steel It fulfills my sense of real A chrome protection Call me crank, my idea Crank, so super Crank, my conscience clear It's clear In this small partition, like a prison Explode time bomb If you know where I come from You call me crank, my idea Crank, so super Crank, my conscience clear Please call me crank, it's what I need Crank, my mind in seed Crank, my dream complete Lay down, lay down, lay down 

01. Crank
02. Black Metallic

The Zip


Melancholic Whiny
by RC /\vellanosa

As usual, am at this usual state of soundtripping once again.  This time it's a band called Siakol.  You know how it is when you won't have to keep listening to bands that's homegrown , almost at the nearest grasp yet still unheard of from somewhere.  Since it sometimes is considered as bland and too obvious.  It might just be the same as elsewhere perhaps.  American and other Non-Filipino bands must have gotten tired of listening to music which sprouted from their nearest shores, they had to keep abreast of of other music beyond.  Well, perhaps it needs to be that way or we'll end up bored or somewhat so immobile of you know what I mean.  No wonder we see more Non-Filipinos around here.  I've seen more of them on the streets than before.  Even speaking our own languages which is funny and surprising at the same time.

But here is a music which can keep you longing for home if you are out of the country,  Or it may just confuse you if you're from around here.  The Philippines. Well, I won't have to describe this fine piece of music.  It's just like listening to a friend drinking somewhere or a neighbor which you can keep pestering and do not mind, do not mind ever at all.  Or do they?


Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I've Detect 
by Ryan Cervantes Avellanosa

It is pronounced as Detective and can be spelled as DTCV.   You know how it is when you are feeling quite down or unusually happy or upset.  Either way, this music does rock.  It's quite profound and perky kind of like somebody's marshmallow prize.

And am not sure how to say about new music like these.  It's Breeders-ish/The Vaselines-ish.  It's another treat,  Wow, just wow.


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