Thursday, August 29, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013


The Will To Wait
by: Ryex

Come September 17th, Sebadoh will release an album after more than a decade of waiting and after the obscure EP Secret.  The power trio Lou Barlow, Jason Loewenstein, and Bob reunited and has declared that they stuck to their formula.  Sebadoh is one of the lo-fi pioneers of indie rock.  They have come a long way, since having their own solo stints, and side bands (Lou on Dinosaur Jr. & Jason on Sparkalepsy), they reunited with Bob to produce this recording which apparently would also be released on audio cassettes.  Bring it on Sebadoh.  I have waited for this.  And am willing to wait for a little more. 

Domino Records
Album Trailer

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Ben Sharp + Adam Castle
Released: 2012 Aug

More of admiration than pleasure, Cloudkicker is Ben Sharp's semi-computer generated ambient stint. A remarkable fusion of progressive rock, shoegaze, math rock and metal. Very pleasing to the most wanderous ears. I find this record a blast for those who prefer music without vocals or just quenching a thirst for the instrumental. The tracks sounded like an unending precursor for a band's longest foreplay. A continuing rhythm of profound ups and lows.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Live with Demos
Released:  2004 Apr

It took longer than usual. Had to be so patient about it, and it has finally arrived. Haven't felt genuine joy for a long time with music. Have been a Guided By Voices fan/freak for years now. This awesome prolific band that continues to give. And as the classic lineup continues its hiatus ironically calling it a reunion, I've been crawling and digging deeper into Guided By Voices' most awesome guitar player and second voice, Mr. Tobin Sprout. For a whole day today, I declared it a "Tobin Sprout Day". A perfect weather for an unusually perfect day, everything just seem to be alright. And it seemed the right time to sit this record in, unmindful of people, family and friends. Just the right amount of daylight, the atmosphere, and the wonderful environment. A perfect record for a healthy sense of life.

Well there's always a story behind every good Live record. Around late 90's, after leaving Guided By Voices, after opening his own art gallery, relocating and writing for records, Tobin germinated out after almost a decade. Sprout and his band played these tracks at the Horseshoe Tavern in April 0f 2004. Apparently, the performance was set to be his discography or "a best of some sort. This record reached my place with the help of the internet and the up/download/torrent community. I admit that this was not an easy find. Had to see it , watch for it, reached out, dug in, and grabbed it, with gusto. This has 29 live tracks, and more than five piano tracks considered to be demos for his next release.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Calmative Complex
Melodic Math Rock Power Trio

Released: 2013 Jan

This is TTNG's second official release if I'm not mistaken.  And this is timely for the year 2013 not mentioning the album name, this is Math Rock, a more melodic one indeed.  One could  not make out their music pattern directly or by first hand.  Their sound sort of  plays out like fireflies in your head.  And as the more you play it, the more you can't make out the next shift, pattern and intervals.  That makes it wonderful. is more technical than the earlier Animals which I yet have to listen to. This release was technically described as a smart use of asymmetrical time signatures and complex accenting between guitar and drums, with minimal use of distortion and guitar effects, giving way to more complex melodies.  The music from this power trio from Oxford, United Kingdom, would most likely remain among those full track album records that I play on point.


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