Thursday, January 31, 2013


Al Dente Forte
by RC Kola

Before the month of January ends and for the first post of 2013, I have decided to feature a compilation  once every month. And since I still have not featured any record for 2013, I compiled more songs or tracks for this volume.Volume XXII features a mixture of different but connected genres.  Some old and some new.  Some popular and some unheard of or underrated.  You decide which ones suit your taste.  Some you may find inappropriately included, does not belong or out of place or context.  But nevertheless, you'd see and discover how different music catches and reflect our every mood. Play on and you'll find out anyway that it's mostly indie rock, pop or alternative.  Picked the best tracks in no particular concept or age in mind. Just the thought that all of these tracks might slip away from my playlist someday.  So before that happens, I am leaving it here somehow before it disappears into oblivion.  And by the way, because I am getting fewer audience here, I am not naming the tracks here hoping that you'd try and identify them yourself or dare to ask The Soundtripper. Enjoy.

Downlink Part1
Downlink Part2
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