Monday, November 30, 2015


Fight for Musings (Music Holiday)
by RC Avellanosa

I'm trying to find ways to make my own music but somehow it does not materialize.  Many people are doing it these days.  Anyone can, from all over the world and on places one has not even heard before.  And many of them do sound palatable to the ear.  And so it is , the circle of musical nests has produced children of equal mastery of the arts.  Technology has made it possible and made it easy to do so.  Some don't mind if they make something out of it.  Just for the fun of it perhaps, to the point of being helpless by music business mongers and parasites.

And so as a listener I do wonder sometimes, "What happens to Music without the artists?" Of course, everyone has got to have an answer or two.   It gets recorded on different ways.  I don't need to elaborate.  I'm sure you can find out how now.  But to kill or halt the music business industry may mean or just can mean a lot of things for some people.  It may just mean that the extents of its propagation may have been overused now or over-exhausted that it produced a generation of brats, immoral behavior, and disrespect not only to themselves but sadly to their own families.  I could be wrong but am sure you'd find out somewhere that somehow the idea does make sense for the type or kind of music one should listen to on moments you choose to cherish and uphold to last forever.

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