Thursday, November 15, 2012


The Voices For Breakfast
by Ry X Av

I grabbed this just so recently and It's not surprising that it's now everywhere.  This is officially released the 13th of November.  The singles from this LP are way so good that it all comes down to this.  Guided By Voices with the classic lineup  is on it's third release this year.  Excluding Robert Pollard's own release, I'd say his followers are all left uptight and glad.  Keeping them on their feet, like never letting go.  I figured from first round play that I'd be left with no more better songs than those released as singles. Like "Hangover Child", "White Flag", and "Everywhere Is Miles From Everywhere". Again, GBV (short for Guided By Voices) won't give me a chance to give a negative review. This is officially their 19th album release gone from far away beginnings 1987's "Devil Between My Toes".  Sprout's presence here is relentless.  Pollard's squeals with uncompromising words screeching with guitars I could happily tolerate with amusement .  "King Arthur The Red" led the bunch of tracks, with Sprout's "The Corners Are Golden", pure magic.   Back to Bob on "Have A Jug" reached a point of bliss and where the lovely guitar on "Dome Rust" are found.  The "Finger Gang" points to put the finger on you. Much more impossible to ignore challenge, flying as Sprout is "Waving At Airplanes".  Shot to the ground with "Smoggy Boy".  The endearing piano piece on The "Military School Dance Dismissal" waves in doubling voices "never had a bullet for the dance"... "Skin To Skin Combat" is purely Tobin soaring over, light distortion and drums, I'd say a lo-fi royalty.  The tunes I crave for are complete with any GBV record and this pretty much has made my breakfast.  I can expect them to appear on live cable TV soon. Power rhythm section's bassist Greg Demos,  Mitch Mitchell and drummer Kevin Fennell indeed is the classic lineup charged on to wave out. Humor me. Top notch, f*ckin' A.  An early Christmas treat.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Straight Back From The Garden
by R.C. Kola

Almost didn't recognize Ben on their live set on Jules Holland's show.   Supposedly be released on the 13th of November but you know how it is with leaks and Soundgarden I think couldn't care less.  I've seen the new stuff just today.  My brother foretold me about it.  And here it is now.  Sixteen years after "Down On The Upside" and following the compilation "Telephantasm", "Black Rain", and the Avengers' soundtrack "Live To Rise", it's about time Chris and the boys reunite.  Played the single from soundgardenworld, seen the single's music video, the Jules Holland appearance, as well as the interviews and clips.  Playing the album as I write right now.  Thirteen tracks to listen to. The quality's just fine for me.  Not bad and not perfect for a digital download, if you're excited and can't wait for the official release.  There are comments that "Been Away Too Long" is way better played Live. Not really surprised that there's now a guitar tutorial for the song.   The music speaks for itself.  I don't want to spoil any of it.  So listen on.  I'm still on the fourth track and I must be sane, I'm shaking my head.

The Soundtripper
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