Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Mystery Train
by Ry X Av


This is Sonic Youth's live performance in Smart Bar, Chicago. They toured just after the release of LP Bad Moon Rising, this was rerecorded and released 2012. Originally recorded by the band on August 11th 1985 on a four-track cassette with Steve replacing Bob Bert on the drums.  Live performance of songs released on Bad Moon Rising that included early performance of Secret Girl and Expressway To Yr Skull (later released on EVOL).   A rare live rendition of Kat N Hat, was never released and found elsewhere. Known for making songs played with prepared guitars with objects like drumsticks, screwdrivers and toothbrushes. The same passion for the avant-garde. Poof and punk,  uncompromising, eerie, Sonic Youth's sound didn't need to evolve after this.

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