Tuesday, December 8, 2015


 I Am still Listening
by Ryan Avellanosa y Cervantes

 Just when I'm on the verge of giving up, music. It's just a bad year. And bad years keep mounting like snakes. And for all the years that passed it seems that I must not give it up. I don't know how I should continue but I can do it one day at a time.  Music helps in many ways I can't even begin to describe.  To stay positive or stay sane, is all I need everyday.  So much so that it's the only thing that makes sense to me.

This is unfair though.  The way this has been laid out like it was something so precious that had to be cherished.  And because it just so happens that this was shared and the knowledge that it can be emulated or redone.  The way music influences another musician and how it's been played in the air for some earthling to listen to.  And perhaps it goes with the generation, the age , and the age gaps that keeps us wondering why we still exist, and why.

This is a pretty trip I must say.

Monday, November 30, 2015


Fight for Musings (Music Holiday)
by RC Avellanosa

I'm trying to find ways to make my own music but somehow it does not materialize.  Many people are doing it these days.  Anyone can, from all over the world and on places one has not even heard before.  And many of them do sound palatable to the ear.  And so it is , the circle of musical nests has produced children of equal mastery of the arts.  Technology has made it possible and made it easy to do so.  Some don't mind if they make something out of it.  Just for the fun of it perhaps, to the point of being helpless by music business mongers and parasites.

And so as a listener I do wonder sometimes, "What happens to Music without the artists?" Of course, everyone has got to have an answer or two.   It gets recorded on different ways.  I don't need to elaborate.  I'm sure you can find out how now.  But to kill or halt the music business industry may mean or just can mean a lot of things for some people.  It may just mean that the extents of its propagation may have been overused now or over-exhausted that it produced a generation of brats, immoral behavior, and disrespect not only to themselves but sadly to their own families.  I could be wrong but am sure you'd find out somewhere that somehow the idea does make sense for the type or kind of music one should listen to on moments you choose to cherish and uphold to last forever.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Mind Spells
by Ryex Whoever

I found this way back, hmmm maybe months ago, because somebody would not hold back. But of course, there are just some things one would be happy to oblige. On some days both would perhaps disagree. It's like feeling insanely sane for moments, for minutes if not hours. And there is just some music that comes and goes like boomerang, like Frisbees that’s being spun back, like an elastic band that’s pulled to hit across. And there is restlessly some music one does not want or need to listen to. Of course, it is up to the one playing it. And sometimes it’s best when one requests it to be played. While listening and writing about this music review, while it is not really a review, (an occupation of writing while playing music in the background), am not sure what to call this task. And I’m clearly getting this sense of bliss out of doing so, to no one apparently but for myself. You could describe Spacemen 3 as an alternative, post-punk, shoe gaze tribe. I should mention that they do sound a lot like J&MC. That voice and the guitar mix surely do sound just a little too distinct not to mention. Kindred spirits I suppose and the call of their time. Before, we, that includes you and I and everyone of course, especially in groups, we get to listen attentively as one. To some artist, to some musician that is playing on stage, in an auditorium, outside or wherever. And to get the point across from "who's who" who is at the helm of some kind of spell, or pressure to do so. And perhaps time and empathy has made us want to listen or even is forced to listen to or with, almost or even at times unconsciously aware of. To understand why it's made and sung for and if it is sung for fun or for pleasure or better yet again and again & again just something to waste time with. After listening to the whole album, I had this sense of longing. Just the same, it’s just a feeling, just a thought one does not need to take seriously of course. That sense of serendipity and that sense of being embraced by some invisible arms. The arms that moved the hands and the fingers that pull the strings forward, swing forth.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Whip it Good by Ryex Whoever I want music and I have to say it again & again. If I have to say it again & again & again. Or play it in my head over & over again. It keeps me healthy, it keeps me feel alive. I found this track back in July but it was featured much earlier. This is one of those that I kept stashed in and hidden somewhere on folders that refuse to not remain in me.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


by Ryan Cervantes /\\//\//\

I am totally , totally going really feeling cold playing these songs.  The words somehow do bring into reflection the things that's bothersome or discouraging.  It's the same tinge, that New Order sound.  At the moment I unusually have this free time so I tried to listen closely, I did try to listen closely, to try to find out how the songs came to be.   Now that the original bassist (Mr. Peter Hook)  is out of line, New Order still has not lost its spunky soul, continues to bring and lift the hearts of listeners who believe in their magic. For hundreds, thousands, if not million listeners who reside here in my own home country Philippines, decrepit, solid and strong homes shall remain with the spirit of the city we call New Wave.

Friday, August 21, 2015


Some Kind of Wanderful
by RC /\vellanosa

I know it's kinda like listening to some kind of a tattered piece of clothing or however you may want to call it. It may just be a piece of pattern one needs to stitch complete.  A set of ingredients to cook and serve.  Or just  something to listen to while doing something else. And the mood may just vary according to taste.  But you'll need to snap out off of it if it gets too overwhelming, puzzling or loud.  Keep abreast of how one still needs to take care of something else other than the thing you are preoccupied with, or engrossed compulsively with.  To unwind and chill out. 

The struggles one may have been at the current time and place, and the need to break out. To keep the balance right and just to appreciate the world as it is.  How it has made one strong with constant longing and searching for answers, answers, answers.  The quests and the sorrow, the guilt and the pain.  The mourning, and over-reactions, lies , hatred and betrayal.

Well, the approach of some artists to embody the kind of music they want to render might put you astray.  Because they do vary because they only relied upon their present wit and their form of expressions and quality of context may very well of course be misunderstood.  For some or a whole lot of them do suffer from delusions of god complex or the paranoia of constant prying past demons.  Music has that awesome power and magic to express all kinds of emotions.  Feelings that can't be expressed only by words and conversations, even with straightforward confrontations.  And thus, here is a little piece of magic you may or may not want to receive. Musical theory and beyond.

Friday, August 7, 2015


Toothless Grins
by RC Avellanosa

Sport your toothless grins because am about to make another Soundtripper Compilation.  This time I may have to compile songs which I've accumulated...hehe..accumulated over the past few months.   Considering the bands one gets to investigate, admire, hate, love , or searched around the internet, it is really too easy to make one, another compilation.

I heard about this band before.  Yeah, the name itself does ring a bell.  Remembering the days when there were magazines instead of the internet, to know more about a band one admires, and the history of their making, how the sound gets to be made and played.  How now... well it's spread splayed out of the net, whatever are you thinking or feeling about...


Obscurity Concurred & Conquered
by RC Avellanosa

I may have to write a longer piece of review for this.  And this do sound charming.  Well, I found them on Bandcamp too.  They do have a lot of songs.  They do have a lot of things to say I suppose.   They're like a hidden somewhere band who needed to say hidden, out of the limelight or something. And I thought that was Pete Yorn.  hehehe They have a quintessential greatest hits release too.  Oh, how wonderful... and a little pyromanic. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Hi Mother!
by RC Avellanosa

This just feels a little awful. That awful bliss if you know what I'm talking about.  This is apparently classified as shoegaze or nu-gaze rock if I'm not mistaken.  Or I don't know.  For me it sounds a bit , kinda like Tokyo Police Club and Shout Out Louds.  Along those sound and among those spunky, immutable genre, influences.  

 Well,  the first song or track These Fangs ...Hi Mom!  Hi Mother! Hi Ma! ... Hello, how are you Ma, have you had your breakfast yet?  How about some coffee?,,, No?  How about some music... Here's something Ma.  Yes,  I have been playing this all day and am  blooging for years now....You wanna read, you wanna read....:-)  Well, have an awesome day Ma.  Sending my regards, wherever you are at the moment.  Hugs.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Ordinary Magic
by RC Avellanosa

The truth is, I never did try to listen that well with this release.  I don't know why.   All I know is that one of my friends love this album so much that he had it printed on his shirt.  Printed it himself.   I think I tried asking him if he could print one for me, but never did cared that much.  ,because it was cool enough that I had one of my friends donning a  Bloodflowers shirt.  

That's the way it was before.  And I got to hand it to him, it was the only Bloodflowers shirt I saw, perhaps in this lifetime.  Of course I did listen to a few songs before and it just sounded a little darker than the usual Cure songs.  It was like gothwave, a little more like Disintegration 2.0.  And it sounds lazy to me.  Makes one want to fall asleep somewhere.  Maybe one just needed to play the album at the right place, at the right time, the right mood, and the right audience, which is good when you're alone, isolated somewhere with your own thoughts to explore.  And live to tell your friends about it, how it felt good to have played it completely without any distraction successfully. 

And no am not trying to discourage you from listening to Bloodflowers.  Do play this one on days you feel lighthearted and feeling a need to go out and drink somewhere, just that feeling of working, driving or travelling accompanied with an inconspicuous Cure album playing in the background, it's magic. Maybe Someday, Just Say Yes, Spilt Milk.


Going Going Goink
by RC Avellanosa

I can't recall having posted this here before.  Well, it's a music review blog, what do you expect?  This is just some kind of or sort of like an earwax, just to have something to listen to everyday.  Too bad you can't smell music though.

Wild Mood Swings went out around the time when Galore was released I think.  And it was before CDs became pancakes. I think i was able to convince a friend of mine to buy one, and I just recorded or made a copy of this, bought some blank tapes somewhere. I must have because I must say this is one of my most cherished Cure album. But who cares what I think. You should listen to the whole album yourself if you got nothing better to do. I'd say this is somewhat a little obscure since I only saw two official music videos made from this.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Recent Intrinsic
by Righex

Yes, this is kind of timely in my opinion today.  They were quite famous for their tunes like "Forgotten Years", "Shakers and Movers" and "Blue Sky Mining".

Oh well, if you're into Midnight Oil, this album is awesome if you missed it like I did.


Emotional Anxious
by Righex

This is how a band sounds like when they had more than enough partying and still find the decency to sing about it, like they're crying to someone, some entity they themselves can only deem to comprehend. 

"It's probably just my friends fucking around."

Band Link

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Sex Adventure
by Righex

This kinda lot like listening to Superchunk and Sugar.  No, more like Alternative and Indie Rock Pop + Emo.  It really feels like I am running out of things to say but this is good, really good. Who says 90's college rock is dead.  Here's an adorable Split. The kind of bands I won't hesitate to watch play live. Oh dear, split. And by the way, the last track is a Pixies cover.  

Friday, May 29, 2015


The Ides of Ride's Id of May
by Righex

Gideon stopped on his way to work to watch this band.  "Their first radio session since their return... since 1994, about the same time people were watching The Shawshank Redemption for only the first time"...

Ride.  Oh dear... need I say more.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Let's Stay Guided By Voices
by Ryeckx

One can never keep up. Not Just Robert Pollard or Tobin Sprout, this band is phenomenal. They seem not to run out of songs and releases. As of this writing the classic lineup released eight singles before the middle of the year 2013. Two singles for 2011 and four for 2012. And now it's 2k15...what the heck!

They are on their nth album release not mentioning a number of Pollard and Sprout side projects. I hear that they're still making new songs.  Every release for me is like attending a class with Bob the Professor. And the only thing left to say or ask is "Will GBV be singing in another language soon enough perhaps?"..., just saying.


Well Versed
by Ry X Av

It is the same song and the same artist, or is it? Something's definitely and distinctly different about these.  Must be, but it's played by the same artists more or less,  just might as well be the same song, the same version but it just isn't.  They're twisted, warped or something other than other one. These are remakes, live, sessions, acoustic or may just be the early versions.  You might just like it this way. Here you'll be looking or listening to them in a different way. A few are so close with their studio versions and some I'd say are plainly unusual.

01. Get A Room - Psychedelic Furs
This is an adorable acoustic version of "Get A Room" originally found on the album "The World Outside".

02. A Small Mercy - Fra Lippo Lippi
The second track on the album :Small Mercies", "A Small Mercy," is the early birth of one of Fra Lippo Lippi's future hits, "Everytime I See You."

03. Brighter - The Railway Children
The rare acoustic version of "Brighter" found on their acoustic release "Gentle Sound".

04. Hole In The Holy - Echo and the Bunnymen
A remake of my favorite "Over You".

05. Crowning Glory - The Wild Swans
A remake of the ever enchanting "The Whirlpool Heart".

06. Temptation - New Order
The 7" Version of early New Order, post Joy Division's "Temptation".

07. Think For A Minute - The Housemartins
More upbeat version of Housemartins' lovely "Think For A Minute'.

08. Another Girl, Another Planet - The Only Ones
Very close, this is from The Only Ones' John Peel Sessions.

09. I Am A Tree - Gem
Doug Gillard's "I Am A Tree", produced by Gem pre-Guided By Voices stint.

10. Nightlife Baby - The Cars
The early version of The Cars' hit "Let's Go".

11. Monkey Gone To Heaven - The Pixies
Doolittle's "Monkey Gone To Heaven", remixed version.

12. This Charming Man - The Smiths
The version that's cut from The Smiths' John Peel Sessions.


The Dry Lawn Shop
by Ryeckx

Not so long ago, there was this song and the title was Laundry Shop.  And along the waves of time of searching for the songs that'll free one's mind, out came Fuck.  And the snippets of songs from albums, in remnants, or was found to be in debris, Matador, Subpop and what was that again?  Touch and Go?...and who knows what else.  I'd rather. or just maybe share it some other time...for childish rants to confuse and ache our heads.  

Monday, May 25, 2015


Faith in the Blue
by Ryeckz

Recalling the grip for Maria.  And whenever faith has waned needing contact on a daily basis, this would help.  After a night of wrong-doing and left holding nothing.  Nothing, nothing, nothing to do but to love her.


Tired of The Songs The Sorrow Sings
by fRyeeks

This was  the album that came after  the band broke up after Reverberation if I am not mistaken.  And it was kinda surprising , nonetheless, this has changed the moods and outlook of some listeners including this writer.  It's like a group of priests singing in a choir instead of the usual church choir.  It thus feels heavenly at some point listening to this unreal, ethereal and most awesome tunes.

Band Link

Echo And the Bunnymen are:

Ian McCulloch
Will Sergeant
Les Pattinson
Adam Peters
Michael Lee
Ed Shearmur
London Metropolitan Orchestra


Evergreen is the seventh studio album by the British rock band Echo & the Bunnymen. It is their first album since reforming after they disbanded in 1993. Vocalist Ian McCulloch and guitarist Will Sergeant had previously worked together as Electrafixion before they were rejoined by bassist Les Pattinson under the name Echo & the Bunnymen in early 1997. Following a successful return to live performances and the release of the single "Nothing Lasts Forever", the album was released in July 1997. Two further singles – "I Want to Be There (When You Come)" and "Don't Let It Get You Down" – followed the album's release. The album received good reviews from the music press and was received well by the public, reaching number eight on the UK Albums Chart.


A Thousand Dogfish Beerheads
by Rayehks

Hey, it's awesomely thousand.  Beers have been made out of this.  A thousand at least I can tell perhaps.  And I can't still find that beer.  "Hey beer sneer, wheeere are you now...?  Oh dear... B B B B Baby Thousand ampersand babies...no no no .. It's a thousand beess... No No, no no no.. it's Beer Thousand// A thousand beers,, Beer Thousand and, . . Dogpeace.. no, Dogfish Head...Dogfish Head. Yeah, it is Dogfish Head and Beer Thousand.. Oh dear, beer... Must be something that's been thought out to share something awesome once again. B b Bb BBob,, Bob your head into thiss live recprding. Yes it is a collection of Guided By Voices' live performance that features songs from the album Bee Thousand... Yeah! .. and they do sound great as always... GBV! GBV GBV! ...



Sunday, May 24, 2015


Lately the Latest Salty Salute
by Ryecks

It's like riding inside a freight train.  And at the moment it's a treat before lunch or something.  Like listening to a sampler promotional album from the speakers or some headphones or something somewhere.  But it's just a set of music I continuously follow from time to time.

"Take me to your leader, I am your leader, Yolita." Up and up and up.



Drawn to Kindreds
by Ryeks

"Please don't hesitate to speak your mind."   This is like a form of another call back to sanity.  Some sorts, kinda, lika... ... another bet on sky.  And as much as I would want to describe how good this is, the words might blew it.

Well, there we go.

Friday, May 22, 2015


Indulging Engaging
by Ryex

It's quite hot.  This is the METZ I knew before.  I was completely blown away by Wasted.  I think that was from their first release.  Take note that this band has positive reviews considering that it is a Subpop band. It means that it maybe obscure for some especially here.  If you are into Jesus Lizard or the loud Nirvana or Sebadoh,  I must say this is a wonderful way of shaking up your neighbors, your environs or yourself from all sorts of evil.  You know, how loud music could somehow kick the demon's ass or the things in your head that's too fed up with the world's mess.  This has got to be one of those recordings that could do that.

Tints of Girls Against Boys and Husker Du or whatever.  There's that indie-post punk rock scene that still manage to shake out that feeling of rage that has to be off of your systems. The Swimmer, Nervous System..this is like a kick in the balls!



New Clear Meltdown
by Ryex

Really am not sure what to make out of this.  It's just that it so warm in here that I had to let go of this heat by playing some kind of music that'll somehow reflect the rage I feel.  And though I never heard of this band before, and making it a point this time to play the whole album while writing this review or whatever you want to call it.  Another way of treating this headache is just to write about something, anything anyhow.

Well, it's just the kind of rock music I needed at this point.  Rock and Roll, metal, and grunge, this sounds like.  And it's in instrumental form.  This band may have gone tired of singers, they didn't need one.  

Monday, May 18, 2015


Hues and Blood Cells
by Ryan Avellanosa Cervantes y

During the nineties, I was not really adept with MBV.  This is unnerving for me.  After The Dawn's heydays on the eighties came bands that sprouted off from some place and became popular.  We had bands like The Youth, Sugar Hiccup, and Eraserheads whom I admired and looked up to.  Then we had Rivermaya and The Teeth.  

The second millennium came and here we go again.  My Bloody Valentine has this awesome prowess of offering music that's obviously obscure to this country's native ears.  Or if the need and the urge comes, like some static noise one needs to have going on the airwaves just to block the sound nature produces everyday... or buffer ... screen out or something.  You know, like firecrackers that we somehow still practice to scare off demons away or something.  Here's to hanging on to that feeling of modernism in music.  And the love for ear-candies.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Spunk Back Home True
by Ryan Avellanosa y Cervantes

What do we have here?   It does seem kind of surprising how bands reunite themselves to form another set of songs that they would eventually have to set free and keep in motion.  Peter, Stephen, Bernard and that chic.  I could recall their past groupings, satellite recordings and other stuff.  We or I got to listen to Bad Lieutenant, Electronic and The Other Two.

What can I say? They were some sort of like a fraud in the 80s that had us dancing and clouded, dazed in our teenage years. The stuff that produced a world  that's renowned to somehow make us feel young again,or just to stop time and keep us abreast of the memories of that piece of heaven we fought to own and stay, unmindful of the other reality that somehow should not dominate other notions cultural.  I and every each one of us should find time for self culture.  Such is this  type of music that somehow stuck and remain.  

All along this stride, and the music culture of college music, new wave, modern rock,.. new music, one can't deny how good   New Order was before, and still is anyway not mentioning their roots which we somehow seem to forget how or might need to be deleted from memory.

There's Joy Division, Monaco , and some other stuff they're associated with.  Spunk, spunk, and the spunk.
It does semm kind of obvious and thus has made one feel psychicly or cyclicly stupid for we found ourselves strange or might feel estranged on moments we felt free in our singularities.  Every once in a while when
one does need to do be so, and these moments shared for a generation that remained strong and high strung.

And before this release, I must say though that this could blow up in your face.  In honor for the friendship, I took the time to listen  and write the lyrics of this wonderful single.   Take heed for it might just change your way of thinking.


winter came so soon
and summer never happened
with players on a stage
with roles already scripted
working for a wage
we're living for today
on a giant piece of girth
spinning in the universe

I can hear/feel your presence/cry out there
and I can feel you close to me/everywhere
(winding softly through the air)
one day at a time
inch by inch
for every kiss
on lovers' lips
for all the souls
we can't conform
for friends that aren't here
we shed our tears

and all i wanna do
make the right impression
an instrument of truth
a soldier with no weapon
I guess so much for you
I crawled a thousand miles
in deserts full of sand
for love on every land

Monday, May 11, 2015


By Jake Kussmaul
Original cover art

Today marks the 20th anniversary in the death of 24-year-old Zhang Ju, founding bassist of Tang Dynasty, who was killed in a motorcycle accident on May 11th, 1995. A year to the day of his passing, various prominent acts of the Beijing rock scene decided to collaborate on a musical commemoration. The resulting effort, "Goodbye, Zhang Ju", is a collection of 13 mostly stripped down rockers (plus two commentary tracks), completed in a period where Chinese rock mainstays had experienced an indefinite lull. (1996-c. '98). Regardless, the scene is still strongly unified by their passion for music, and, ultimately, their respects for their deceased comerade.

In honor of this event, I wanted to share my views on the tracks that managed to stand out for me.

"That Day" (Luan Shu of Black Panther): I was under the notion that this would sound like a typical glam metal jam, given his roots in the band Black Panther - boy, was I wrong! Early 90s pop metal hooks are stripped in favor of mid 90s shoegaze and reverb. The guitars are definitely melodic and dreamy, a stark contrast to anything from his former band (then-frontman Qin Yong actually managed to push their signature--albeit extremely dated--glam sound to greater success!). But Luan has gone a more experimental direction. His vocals are a bit reminiscent of Porno for Pyros-era Perry Farrell, and. The chorus-laden vocals and airy guitars blend within the song quite well, and it's an interesting shift of influences.

"Live in Your Dreams" (Ding Wu of Tang Dynasty):  Makes itself out to be acoustic, only to become progressively thicker. Interestingly, the electric guitars make a subtle entrance into the song; they don't arm themselves to pop out spontaneously at any specific point. Instead, they  are at equal pace andcarefully add another layer of depth without obscuring the acoustics. I felt it was more appropriate having this song be straightforward prog, rather than heavy metal, in accordance with the album's concept.  Ding Wu's vocals could be interpreted in two ways: To the passive listener, they might come off as "stuffy" or lackluster (and, perhaps occasionally incoherent). However, if listened to actively, the vocals convey a sense of hesitation, as if Ding was fighting to hold back tears. The end of the song definitely hits home.

 "I Almost Blew Off My Eyelashes" (Zhang Chu): Probably the second song I've heard from him, after "Sister" from the China Fire compilation (Maybe I've heard his contribution from China Fire II...not sure though--it's been years). Definitely a lot more raw in terms of arrangement: The bass line is grungy and its gain tends to fluctuate, particularly in the first verse. Also, the rhythm guitar is slightly out of tune with the piano, but whether intentional or not, it doesn't detract from the song as a whole. What remains consistent, though, is the amount of soul in Zhang's voice. From the second half of the first verse onwards, he just kills it!

"Little Brother" (Zang Tian Shou of 1989): In a way, the song's melody evokes the feeling of being alone, aloof, and vulnerable in the streets. I like how the almost erratic style of the vocals during the verses resembles passive thought speak. My guess is that the singer thought of Zhang as his little brother, who was ultimately in need of guidance. The distorted bass during the last chorus starts to free itself from the mix and really starts grooving toward the end.

"Green Grass" (Gao Qi of Overload): The most tender, succinct, and hands down best song on the album. This is another instance of a metal oriented band broadening their scape of influence. Gao's use of a twelve-string acoustic really accentuates the quality of his singing. When the harmonies came in during the second chorus, I'll admit, I let out a couple tears (and even as I listened back to it for this review)! This further solidifies the idea that music has the power to reach deep within the heart, regardless where it's from.

...and this concludes my review!

While not being able to understand any Mandarin Chinese myself, I can appreciate the album from a stylistic standpoint; it's craftily thought out and the talent is considerable.  But even as a majority of the songs give off an implicit bittersweet tone, I'd feel much more fulfilled had I known how to speak the language. Only then would I be able to fully recognize the album's substance, both lyrically and sonically.

Download Link
(Once on the page, click the kanji title of the album with the hyperlink attached)

Sunday, May 3, 2015


In Remnants
by Ryan Avellanosa

This is their latest.  <S>.  Sandwich has not lost their spunk.  Obviously, they are still in the game. 

Well, they featured their full album on YouTube and I have seen their video which featured the awesome Bianca King. I must say again that I should listen first while watching a basketball game on TV and writing this post and waiting for a boxing match later. And who knows I might say something more after I finish listening to this nonstop video. Rock on!

Read more about

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Original cassette release
by Jake Kussmaul (new contributor)

In late 2008, a simple search of "russian grunge" into YouTube led me to a song called "Wherry?" by Military Jane, its accompanying music video a noticeably worn VHS copy. My initial thoughts were along the lines of "Awesome! These guys are the Russian equivalent of Alice In Chains!" (as anyone might have claimed, provided they aren't too harsh on "clone" bands). In fact, I'd actually left a similar comment: "sounds like alice in chains". Not thinking to further research the band, I passively clicked off the video and moved on.

The next year, I saw an email in my YouTube inbox, which brought up a reply to my aforementioned comment. It read, "That's because AIC is the favorite band of the frontman :))" . From there, I was suddenly inspired to dig deeper into this all-male band with a female name. Think of it as a rather bad ass rechristening of a certain superhero's girlfriend: Military (no, not Mary) Jane.

Upon googling the song "Wherry?", I discovered that it was from their album, "Blackest Paint Colored Brush", from 1996 (thank you, Discogs!). Apparently it was reissued with different, almost bootleg style cover art, shown here:

Now, fast forward to 2014. After having mp3s sourced from a bad tape, I'd actually managed to locate the 2002 copy, for $2.50 plus free shipping. What a deal!

The tape in the flesh, harnessing the energies of my room.

 As you'd expect, this was a brand new copy; no wear or damage of any sort. To say I was relived to hear the album in full sound quality is an understatement. Without further digression, let's talk about the album!

All the songs are in English. English that, even after repeated listens, is still beyond easy to understand. With the exception of a few songs, you may be able to pick out a few words or phrases, but for the most part, it's not very clear. Even so, the vocalist Ilja has a natural grit and isn't afraid to showcase his inner Layne Staley. Yes, the songs do contain obvious Alice In Chains influence, but there does exist some variety (the punk tinged, "time is running out" feel of  "Room #1", the manic, Cobain-esque fluctuations of "Long Rain", and the bittersweet but content ballad "Queen"). Even those that aren't as "original" ("Dark Noise", "Wherry?", "Dead Mary") are worthy of mention for their sheer merit. Another thing to note is that this is an independent release, rather than an investment from a major label intending to capitalize on a fad. This is truly a raw, passionate ode to an era of which the band wholeheartedly embraced.

Since 1997, Military Jane has changed its name to Pilot (Пилот), and continues to experience tremendous critical and commercial success. Although their sound leans more toward modern rock and the songs are in Russian, the band hasn't left their past behind. Check out this Pilot performance of the 'Jane' classic, "Neverman"!

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Radiance and Redundancy
by RC

I hate to admit it but this one has this awesome sound.  After learning that Guided By Voices or was it just Robert Pollard?, covered one of their songs, and it is kind of unsurprising how Mr. Ellie tend to cover some songs from other bands and thus jumping from one band to another and or just having other awesome music materials to collect and putting it all inside a briefcase and thus allowing it to be heard to some group of people, musicians and non-musicians to endear and enjoy.  And much to my delight, this one needs to be heard as well. 

Wait, how many words has is it been?  Well, The Soundtripper recommends this album, nevermind if you won't understand the words or the meanings of all the lyrics, it's just the sound or the music for me is what matters I suppose to some extent.  And the contexts one may need to affirm and learn afterwards. Well there you go.  

Saturday, January 31, 2015


by RC

Sometimes it does need to be played on the right mood or somebody else around might find you going emotive again playing these kind of songs.  Well, the cover somewhat caught my eye.  And their sound speaks of a generation that remained after the grunge and alternative era, or during anyways.  Not that I am an expert about this whole thing.And since I was within the generation that produced these kinds of awesome music, let me just point out that there are a whole lot of songs and bands out there that still needs to be heard and it sometimes just take too much of my time that I don't get to produce or make my own.  Nonetheless, God has given us this opportunity to express ourselves in many different ways and this is just a a speck of it.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Floyd and the Barber Attendant
by RC

I have not really listened to the whole album yet. Really, really, am not lying.  Maybe just a a few I suppose. \

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