Friday, August 8, 2014


Warlow for Rawbar

This sounds like when your band had a perfect day inside a practice studio or garage with a boombox standing somewhere.  Recording the entire play as everyone was having each and every member of the group deeply engrossed, passionately with the skill.  And though one might find it uninteresting to some who are used to hearing high or stereo mixed sound, the scout types and the prime movers or you might just call the avant-gardster types would find this very adorable and tasty since it is in its raw quality.  Not that 'RAW' anyway and whoever coined that term should be shot since having to define this sound quality as 'RAW' material is an engineer somewhere or just a fellow who needed to make it sound more pleasing or better than how it sounded originally 

Well, an alien shared a link for this EP.  And it just is sometimes confusing for me how some musicians or producers define their outputs as EP LP Studio and Demos,, Albums, Reissues, Rehashed, Versions, Remixed, Rerecorded and bah blah bah.  But there it is BARLOW.  Lower the bar, bar the low, the lowest lows to the lowest lows.  Lofi at its finest.

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