Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Mystery Train
by Ry X Av


This is Sonic Youth's live performance in Smart Bar, Chicago. They toured just after the release of LP Bad Moon Rising, this was rerecorded and released 2012. Originally recorded by the band on August 11th 1985 on a four-track cassette with Steve replacing Bob Bert on the drums.  Live performance of songs released on Bad Moon Rising that included early performance of Secret Girl and Expressway To Yr Skull (later released on EVOL).   A rare live rendition of Kat N Hat, was never released and found elsewhere. Known for making songs played with prepared guitars with objects like drumsticks, screwdrivers and toothbrushes. The same passion for the avant-garde. Poof and punk,  uncompromising, eerie, Sonic Youth's sound didn't need to evolve after this.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


The Voices For Breakfast
by Ry X Av

I grabbed this just so recently and It's not surprising that it's now everywhere.  This is officially released the 13th of November.  The singles from this LP are way so good that it all comes down to this.  Guided By Voices with the classic lineup  is on it's third release this year.  Excluding Robert Pollard's own release, I'd say his followers are all left uptight and glad.  Keeping them on their feet, like never letting go.  I figured from first round play that I'd be left with no more better songs than those released as singles. Like "Hangover Child", "White Flag", and "Everywhere Is Miles From Everywhere". Again, GBV (short for Guided By Voices) won't give me a chance to give a negative review. This is officially their 19th album release gone from far away beginnings 1987's "Devil Between My Toes".  Sprout's presence here is relentless.  Pollard's squeals with uncompromising words screeching with guitars I could happily tolerate with amusement .  "King Arthur The Red" led the bunch of tracks, with Sprout's "The Corners Are Golden", pure magic.   Back to Bob on "Have A Jug" reached a point of bliss and where the lovely guitar on "Dome Rust" are found.  The "Finger Gang" points to put the finger on you. Much more impossible to ignore challenge, flying as Sprout is "Waving At Airplanes".  Shot to the ground with "Smoggy Boy".  The endearing piano piece on The "Military School Dance Dismissal" waves in doubling voices "never had a bullet for the dance"... "Skin To Skin Combat" is purely Tobin soaring over, light distortion and drums, I'd say a lo-fi royalty.  The tunes I crave for are complete with any GBV record and this pretty much has made my breakfast.  I can expect them to appear on live cable TV soon. Power rhythm section's bassist Greg Demos,  Mitch Mitchell and drummer Kevin Fennell indeed is the classic lineup charged on to wave out. Humor me. Top notch, f*ckin' A.  An early Christmas treat.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Straight Back From The Garden
by R.C. Kola

Almost didn't recognize Ben on their live set on Jules Holland's show.   Supposedly be released on the 13th of November but you know how it is with leaks and Soundgarden I think couldn't care less.  I've seen the new stuff just today.  My brother foretold me about it.  And here it is now.  Sixteen years after "Down On The Upside" and following the compilation "Telephantasm", "Black Rain", and the Avengers' soundtrack "Live To Rise", it's about time Chris and the boys reunite.  Played the single from soundgardenworld, seen the single's music video, the Jules Holland appearance, as well as the interviews and clips.  Playing the album as I write right now.  Thirteen tracks to listen to. The quality's just fine for me.  Not bad and not perfect for a digital download, if you're excited and can't wait for the official release.  There are comments that "Been Away Too Long" is way better played Live. Not really surprised that there's now a guitar tutorial for the song.   The music speaks for itself.  I don't want to spoil any of it.  So listen on.  I'm still on the fourth track and I must be sane, I'm shaking my head.

The Soundtripper

Monday, October 22, 2012


Hung Up Stuck
by R.C. Kola

Get loose and listen to 90's music rendered by your favorite mainstream OPM artists. Fourteen tracks all in all.  This is in response for a special request. Pretty decent compilation. Mostly female covers of songs originally sung by males, and male covers of songs originally sung by females. It changes the mood they say, unisex music if there's a thing. If you want to impress your 90's peers and friends,  this should do.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Dos TreS!
R.C. Kola


The first of a series of three Green Day releases, a trilogy from September 2012 to January 2013. Uno, Dos, Tre! is the result of Green Day's most prolific and creative time of their lives. Their studio stint produced 38 songs which should have been a double album, was later split to three. This first release has initially received positive reviews from music critics, calling it a welcome switch from high concept to high energy. Dos! is out there now.

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Monday, October 8, 2012


Kamot Sa Likod
by R. C. Kola


Pedicab's latest EP.  Dance punk pinoy style.  Monsterbot and Sandwich volted in. They thrive and doesn't care. "Bakit nga ba tinatanong ng Pedicab kung "Kaya Mo Mag Sando?"  Listen on.   It is groovy, tasty and contagious.  Just sad to say that this won't reach that far on more attentive, misguided ears but that maybe is the point.


R.C. Kola


This is hard rock at its finest! Following 2009's Sonic Boom, this is Kiss' 2012 release. Generic may be but they're back to the roots, 70's Rock and Roll. Grab it, you need it. I need it. Solid heavy metal.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


[audio: http://thesoundtripper.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/09-Human-Chinese-Whispers-Mix.mp3]
A Page In Your Diary
by R.C. Kola


I remember the places when this kind of songs are played.  They sound like they're trying to cease the day, stopping time.  Like there's no more.  Like there's nothing more to expect.  That this is it.  Life as it is.  And I was just happy for a moment there.

Here are 10 great mixes of selected New Wave songs.  In case I miss this.  Just for the last time until it's gone for another decade.   Classic remixes.  Never thought they could sound this good.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hubad Overcoat
by R.C. Avellanosa


It's about time. Had to have it downloaded from US ITunes and sent over by a good friend. It is  that hard to find here. And that's ironic because this release is a concept album about the Philippine's National Hero, Jose P. Rizal.  Rebulto tells of his statue, his resurrection and ostensibly Dong as Rizal's present thoughts of the Filipino and his country, Philippines.  Backed up by Raymund Marasigan and Buddy Zabala on synths, engineered by Shinji.  And I read somewhere that the cover art was done as a 3d exercise by Dong's son Awit.  Expect more from Dong.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Covert Robert
by R.C. Avellanosa


Bob's mind is racing. This is his second solo release this year along with two Guided By Voices releases. A third one "Bears For Lunch" is yet to come. To call him prolific is laughable, he is persistently productive.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Raindrops Splash Rainbows
by R.C. Avellanosa


Ian Broudie and The Lightning Seeds at their very best. A different kind of feeling as I played the record. That lazy feeling, like somnolence and drifting off to sleep awake. Like feeling wealthy without the money, and sweetness without the honey. Enriching every thought, dreams of stars, skies and lies. Their cover of The Turtles "You Showed Me" has carried me to sleep. The Ronettes' "Be My Baby" carried me deeper. Most marvellous indeed.

The Soundtripper


by R.C. Kola


Pinoy Rock of the 70's and the 80's. The Filipino rock pioneers. If you love OPM Rock, this should come in smooth . Tolerably the most endearing bunch of Pilipino bands and solo acts. So good, even my Lola would load it down.
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Monday, September 17, 2012


by R.C. Kola


Yes, it is the latest release, as of this post. This band has not deviated from their sound. With all their several unforgettable songs implanted on this ears, another set of songs would be welcome still. Lou Barlow's Sebadohish bass lines, Murph's sharp drum skills, and of course J Mascis pedals and licks altogether form the gargantuan Dinosaur Jr.
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Tru Pilipino
by R.C. Kola

Saw him played Live. Popong Landero's one of a few artists remarkable enough to have hailed from my own hometown, Davao City. His genre is basically folk rock and reggae. His songs reached on through common local folks, which is why it is that light and easy to grasp. He is known by art-types, music majors and on some other circles, but still obscure to the general public.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


For More
by R.C. Kola


This will need a little more time to sink in. This is Brit's Bloc Party's latest 2012 release. It's louder and more complicated. There starting to sound like a halo or like flies flying above your head.

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Band Link


Kanoy , jOePM
by R.C. Kola


Lately I've been hearing a lot of songs from FilAm artists, and Philippine based American and foreign bands, I even heard of this pure American Boy "Gabby" singing and talking Tagalog, and a little Australian girl singing "Bahay Kubo".  And now this.  If there's such sound as OPM Twee-Pop, this is it. Released 01 April 2012, the lyrics are just so straightforward, light and acoustically raw. Heavily influenced by the OPM popband Itchy Worms and Eraserheads, I think. This man is like showing Filipinos the beauty and the melodic sound of the Philippine language.  Just when more Filipinos are trying hard to sound American, this American has succeeded to sound Filipino.

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CATTSKI - 00:00:00

Rak En Rol
by R.C. Kola

0:00:00 (Zero) is the 4th full-length studio album by singer, songwriter from Cebu, Philippines. This was just released 22nd of June this year. Produced by Cattski Espina herself and Jad Bantug. Cattski's sound is folk and electronica or Folktronika.  If you know OPM, and Cebu Music, you should listen to Cattski.

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Nothing and Everything
by R.C. Kola


The wave is still there. More keys, more synth. More like living on the late 80's or 90's? Like Barcelona, like Dep Mode or Numan. More tagalog lyrics. More Filipino spunk. Rico Blanco's more passionate second release. Less happier, more fun. Melodic. Techno-saddened good. The sound is addictive. It is what it is.

01. Amats
02. Burado
03. Lipat Bahay
04. When The Wheels Turn
05. Sayaw
06. Hours and Days
07. Chismis
08. What It Is?
09. Ngayon
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Friday, September 7, 2012


The Rain, The Sky
by R. C. Kola


Landed on my lap forwarded by a good friend, that artist from the band Happy? fortunately. This myriad compilation overflows and bursting at its seams. Seventeen tracks from seventeen bands I never ever heard from before. That one band "Sex Art" apparently had one member from Korn "Jonathan Davis". This compilation is found on Sex Art's Korn Memorabilia. Another awesome treat you shouldn't slip away. Unlikely from 1992, versatile rock acts in different genre. This was how it really sounded from behind in the 90's. From the heartbreaking and "spooky" "1912" to Smiling Days' Fall, Large Wooden Matches' happy/sad mucus laden "Look To The Sky", reggae, ambient, synth, lo-fi or pop and rock driven, let it roll and fill your ears with wax.

01. Alexandra's Tears - 1912
02. Zircus - My Astoria
03. Rabbit Choir - Where's My Weed?
04. Slim The Drifter - Ballad Of Bill
05. Smiling Days - Fall
06. Large Wooden Matches - Look To The Sky
07. Mento Buru - Dine-O-Soar
08. Pale - Timeworks
09. Body Mechanix - 60 Seconds
10. Chris Coluzzi - Keys To The City
11. Poopy Lickles - Bleed Real Good
12. Sex Art - Inside
13. The Wild Stares - Like A Sparrow
14. Last Breath - Don't Say Love
15. The Miss Alans - Hard Kissing Harold
16. Spike 1000 - Eclipse/Dovefire
17. The Scaries - Groove The Peach
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Friday, August 31, 2012


Live It is - Posie
by R.C. Kola


Alive Before the Iceberg is practically a live album by Seattle Alternative rock band The Posies. It was recorded live at Luz De Gas (in Barcelona, Spain) on July 28th, 1998. Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow' power pop group summed up their spree playing with the Spaniards half-drunk but Rocked loud still.
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Friday, August 17, 2012


Wonder Drug
by R. C. Avellanosa


It's Sebadoh's new EP, an EP apparently before the upcoming 2013 LP album. These songs won't be on that LP. Emphasis on that, "none of these songs will appear on their forthcoming album". Jason, Lou and Bob D'Amico on drums. Lou and Jason, both on their writing prowess, songs 1,3,5 written by Lou and songs 2,4 written by Jason. And still Jason and Lou, the perfect balance of se-ba-doe.
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Saturday, August 11, 2012


Incurable Me
by R.C. Avellanosa


Another Guided By Voices tribute compilation. I lost count. From 1998, eighteen tracks from seventeen predominantly obscure Canadian artists. Don't get your hopes up, but it's the best GBV tribute there is. Thurston Moore,  Shelley on Stabbing A Star as Male Slut, early Gem (Doug Gillard) on My Impression Now. Real impressive. Choose to abuse this, just to unlock your mind.

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Friday, July 27, 2012


Collapze Into
by R.C. Avellansoa

Before the month ends, I leave you with the best compilation I heard for the whole month of July. This is completely a very good and rare find. All New Zealand artists forwarded by a good friend who gladly sent it online without my asking. It just shows how much he wants someone to heed and hear this compilation. A gem of sorts. Shoegaze, Rock and Metal. A 90s rock complete mix. Three tracks from five artists. Supertanker, 147Swordfish, Pumpkinhead, Loves Ugly Children, and Lurch. Packaged in one serving.

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Documentary Video

Friday, July 20, 2012


Parallelographically Fit
by R.C. Kola


The indie rock couple Mates of State, Kori and Jason is on to their lovely chemistry with this wonderful 2004 EP.  The EP is classic Mates of State. Four tracks that'll leave a smile on your face. Sensible and understandable lyrics, that's what makes Mates of State the duo to follow. Their version of David Bowie's "Starman" sounds entirely like their own. Keys and drums just sound so fit and parallelographically good. Eerily decent and neat, indie-pop royalty.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Sound Trip
R. C. Kola


This is The Church's all instrumental record. Described as epic: ebbing, flowing, distorting, rocking and floating. The first track "The Sexual Act" lasted for about 38 minutes. Trippy, like watching gypsies or half naked primates dancing around a bonfire. Or a tribe of hippies smoking their last straw for another trip to the mountains of Tibet. Or picture yourself drunk out of your senses crawling from the door to your bed which seemed a thousand meters away. Or a swim to shore that you never seem to finish across. Under dumb lights and mocking trees, over skewed bridges and absurd skies. With tambourine shakes, and spinning drones, this jam could mess your head or rearrange it in proper order instead.

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Monday, July 16, 2012


On Candlelight
by R.C. Kola


The unmistakable "Femme Fatale" sound of the Book Of Love. From Philadelphia to New York, this synth-pop New Wave group lived from 1984 until 1993. Played behind bands like Depeche Mode, their success zoomed in on 80s to the 90s dance culture. Their songs remixed and ultimately ended up with this Greatest Hits compilation. A lot of their singles were featured in films like The Silence of The Lambs, Philadelphia, and Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012


Dressed for Sunday's Best
by R.C. Kola


Kilbey and friends or The Church. I'd say this should be good. It is The Church. But this didn't hit me good the way it should. It made me sleepy at first, skipping the tracks and back again. Almost like shoegazing, popdreaming, looking for that familiar, distinct enchanting and magical sound. Snowfaller got me.  Found it eventually after replays. It needs a lot more time to get caught on this two beasts' net. Length of that Night Sequence was the longest, lasted twenty minutes to be exact. Like listening to a track from Jammed. I Don't Know, this last song reminds me of Sonic Youth and Jesus & Mary Chain.

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Turn and Look Behind
by. R.C. Avellanosa


The lesser known release after their breakthrough "Laughter". Just a handful knew and bragged about this release. Released in 1991 before "Ricochet", The Mighty Lemon Drops often described to be the shadow behind Echo and The Bunnymen. But this band did somehow brighten up my days. Energetic and purely Modern Rock. A built-up group spawned from The Doors influence and the Brit-rock daze. The true sound of post punk sensibilities. The band deserves a crown as big as The Cure's head. Sound... Goodbye To Your Standards is an outright opening for their 90's sound. "My Shadow Girl", the most striking track. Still this has failed to parallel Laughter. The release didn't get much attention and slowly led to the band's break-up after Ricochet. Nevertheless, it's still mighty good.

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Monday, June 25, 2012


by R.C. Kola

So many songs, so little time. Guided By Voices is back and it hates to waste your time. The Class Clown is festive, he spots a UFO.



The Infinite Madness
by R. C. Kola

It's out. Digitally. Don't blame me. It was there so I took it. It's not a leak. Not a bootleg. It's streamed online so I share this for those who are satisfied with the produce not the product.

The Smashing Pumpkins is back! Negative reviews and comments all around. But I don't care anymore. Oceania, pronounced as 'Oh-see-ania', is very good. The band progressed. Not too much angst, scream, heavy riffs but it's good. Very good. Billy Corgan, without the three equally charming pumpkins, still has it. Now he's got Jeff Schroeder, Nicole Fiorentino and Mike Byrne on his wings. "Quasar" and "Inkless" my best most sought after SP sound. The Smashing Pumpkins made the world felt like home again.



[audio: http://thesoundtripper.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/12-Jimmy-Brown-Early-Version-of-Bring-On-The-Dancing-Horses.mp3]
Breaking My Brittle Heart
by R.C. Avellanosa


I was not prepared for this, but it was released much earlier. This is the US release of the self-titled Echo and The Bunnymen album. It had their two most endearing tracks. Both were apparently the earlier versions. “Jimmy Brown” for “Bring On The Dancing Horses” and “Hole In The Holy” for “Over You”. Of course they almost sounded the same, close. The same feeling you get when listening to The Wild Swans’ “Crowning Glory” for “Whirlpool Heart”. Take heed.

The more familiar release only had eleven tracks. This had seven more. That has made all the difference. Somehow, upon listening, the songs sounded alien to me. Maybe that was the point. And I think I got it.


Sunday, June 24, 2012


Kissing the Tortoise Shell
By R.C. Avellanosa

Upon listening, the first thing I asked myself was, “Does it include a song from Reverberation?”  The question was rendered unimportant.  It was answered.  None.  Ian got this.  He had the most power.  The quintessential bunnyman and Sargeant.  The best songs from Crocodiles until Siberia.  The track sequence was good.  The mood changes as you go further.  The kind of music that you never outgrew from.

This very best of Echo and The Bunnymen .  The band was formed two years after I was born, spanning more than three decades of Modern Rock.  The love I found that never must stop.   Their music always comes to my rescue when I’m losing my touch.  Things gone wrong told on a song down amongst the dust.  If you lose sense on the heart of things, don’t let it get you down.  Just sing this with the blues, forget the whys and hows.   If you want to fly, fly, fly.  Laugh and cry, paint the town.  Don’t look any further.  Echo and The Bunnymen will be there.  Here it comes.


Sunday, June 17, 2012


A Piece of Paradise
by R.C. Avellanosa


I'd say the album cover was a come-on.  Apparently designed by Ella Chico, who designed Volume 1 and Matt Joson, who designed the second.  The cover is actually a collage of magazine clippings, which to me looked a lot like a newspaper headline.  A delightful feast of Modern Rock adobo.

The most memorable modern rock compilation album that I could suffice. Remembering cassette tape bliss and players. I'm sorry but we can't afford the cd or the vinyl. It's just is pocketwise.  We're clearly satisfied with the cassette tape. It's more handy and we could take and play it anywhere.  We did have recorded mixtapes of this series. Passed on through to be played on both wild and lame events. This has inspired the likes of me to learn the guitar, keyboards or the drums.  Or just daydream about forming a band, a modern rock outfit.  And it is just so sweet, a rush on to have us cretins wanna hop some more!

Download Link


Paralyzing Hues
by R.C. Kola

This is the second Warner Philippines release from 1988. The humble days where cassette tapes ruled and cds were a luxury. Compilations like this were treated with amazement and excitement, played as weekend specials on High School and College radios bursting through speakers on hallways and classrooms. Students, school DJs, soundtrippers and musicians confident cheers and chants, pioneered on the New Wave front. Gentlemen on seven stars hairdos, sparkling wide-eyed ladies in between puberty, dressed and shoot to kill. Wayfarers and Banana Republics, Shambu, Arte Linea shirts, Tretorn, Vans, and Dragonflies shoes. Hanging out on billiard and bowling halls. On unguarded classrooms and offices. Boom boxes along corridors, walkways, and driveways. Every inch on every possible location. As loud as it could ever go.

Modern Rock was at its best if not at its peak, prompting the rise of new radio stations with this concept. When complete albums were hard to find locally, this was the most practical use of the New Wave language. New Wave was truly "New" and disgustingly "Good", take heed to Volume 2 and we'll drive unto for 3.

01. Whirlpool Heart - The Wild Swans
02. Heaven Knows Which Way - The Adventures
03. Like The Weather - 10,000 Maniacs
04. Smiles and Jokes - White China
05. Lucretia, My Reflection - Sisters of Mercy
06. Femme Fatale - Propaganda
07. 55 The Law - Screaming Blue Messiahs
08. Rules and Regulations - Fuzzbox
09. How Can the Labouring Man Find Time for Self-Culture? - Martini Ranch
10. Total Recall - The Sound
11. Underneath The Radar - Underworld
12. Independence Day - The Painted Word

Friday, June 1, 2012


The Thrill of Chance
by R.C. Kola

It's like doing the same thing all over and over again. You do it and then stop when it gets boring. Do another new one, lose interest, and then do the old ones again. "Dating Gawi" or "Nakagawian", it's a cycle. Listening to old records and just trying to feel good about how it felt good the first or the nth time you heard it. As what one artist said and I quote "you can change the feeling, but you can't change the feelings about the feeling".

This is the first volume of the various artists New Music compilation only made for the Filipino market. Back when XB 102 and NU 107 ruled the airwaves. Filipinos were into this New Wave, Modern Rock, New Music thing. This is one clever collection of post-punk artists. Nothing more to say.

01. The Game - Echo and The Bunnymen
02. Deep & Wide & Tall - Aztec Camera
03. Tears - The Chameleons
04. Dancer - Charm School
05. Gentle Tuesday - Primal Scream
06. Dance With Me - Alphaville
07. April Skies - The Jesus & Mary Chain
08. This Corrosion - Sisters of Mercy
09. Shelter - Lone Justice
10. Why Does The Rain - The Weather Prophets



[audio:http://thesoundtripper.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/1.-Judy-Staring-at-the-Sun-with-Tanya-Donelly.mp3|titles=1. Judy Staring at the Sun (with Tanya Donelly)]
Band Link

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


[audio:http://thesoundtripper.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/05-Half-Life-Half-Death-Kapit-Tuko.mp3|titles=05 Half Life Half Death - Kapit Tuko]
Dosenang Eksena
by R.C. Avellanosa


This was how local rock bands sounded in 1994. Choose your favorite or just play them. Re-experience the Alternative 90s. I don't personally like this album that much but it's nice to post them if just for posterity. These bands may have been clouded by some other local acts, just the same it is a delight.










01. Abusado – Edge Of Illusion
02. Time Space Warp – Balahibum Pooza
03. Tabinging Buhay – Annointed Cherubs
04. Istap The Lala – Tribal Fish
05. Kapit Tuko – Half Life, Half Death
06. Tablado Ka – Shampoo Ni Lola
07. Lamay – Leowai
08. Black Pasig – Aftermath
09. Baguio – Bag’iw
10. Pekeng Lacoste – Drone
11. Anak Ng Gabi – Backdraft
12. Nasaan Na – Grupong Pendong


Thursday, May 24, 2012


Stars Count
by Righex

Ephesus has post-punk and Christian sound roots. Released on 2010. And just heard them actually, if not for someone's request, I'd never would have bothered to listen. I'd say this is the present and prevailing sound of a rock band. New sound of new emerging bands. Influences that dated back from the early 2000 to 2010. Merging punk rock, hard rock and alternative rock. Screamo, emo, emo-core, indie rock or what have you. The lifestyle now seen and heard everywhere. And to be identified with foreign acts was a big plus.

I've had my share of obsession with this type of music. To identify them as 'emo' earlier never crossed my mind. I've listened to Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids, Triple Fast Action, Rainer Maria, and Sunny Day Real Estate. More mainstream bands aren't that hard to find like Dashboard Confessional, Saves The Day, All American Rejects, New Found Glory, and so on. Some were short-lived and some were all around.

Local acts then blossomed like Urbandub, Chicosci... Bands like Typecast, The Ambassadors, Taken By Cars followed and so on. Goth rock crossed over as well as punk and techno...Some bands even attempted to incorporate multiple genres into one.  It was easy to say that you don't like the sound. The music must have felt so different yet so familiar. It was like you had enough of it, made you think they all sound the same.

But it feels good to think that bands like this still thrive on a very close minded and judgmental Philippine Music Scene. And to think that to some, OPM music is limited to what they've heard on their heydays. As if the present form of music does not matter anymore. Everything new is bad or isn't good as it is then. This is one of the reason why some bands tend to cover a lot of old songs just to satisfy that need for nostalgia. Some don't care and just settled in obscured. Some songs just doesn't fit a lifestyle. Just doesn't give that needed shock.

Ephesus has longed for mainstream acceptance. They say that this 12 track debut does not suggest anything groundbreaking. It has pretty much made them different from other local artists. And that’s fine, because that’s exactly what makes their debut worth listening to.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Your Song Sung
by R.C. Avellanosa


These are three songs from the Filipino new wave group The Thought. The band was featured on “Ballad Of The Times” radio show last January 27, 2010. That’s how these tracks came out. Among the 3 tracks that were recorded, only 2 got airplay - Listen and Mirrors of Conscience (1989). Mirrors of Conscience got the most airplay on DWNU 107 and stayed in the Sprite 7 at 7 segment for 3 months. I Am Was Not What, apparently which NU turned down, actually made it big in Boston college radio stations. The most familiar track “Listen” is featured on DWNU 107’s NU-Rock, The Album.

Not to be mistaken for that other early 80s band from Netherlands, The Thought is proudly from the Philippines. They met at a high school fair and formed The Thought on 1987. None of the original members stayed on the band. The track Listen I’d say is one of the best crafted 80s song I heard from a Filipino band. I read that the song was recorded for only a day at a 16 track RJ recording studios along Makati. Only three members recorded that song namely Boy, Jojo and Joel Yu and engineered by Voltaire of Warhead. OctoArts then passed it on NU-107. It's a very good find. Not bad. Not bad at all.

1. I Am Was Not What
2. Mirrors Of Conscience
3. Listen

Jojo Armas
Boy Ramos

Jonathan Khonghun
Uri Djemal

Robert Dungca
Derek Ileto
GJ Torres
Frank O' Connor

Ned Javier

Band Link

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Got Carried Away
by R.C. Avellanosa

This is apparently a US-based Filipino rock band. It's evident that there was no Tagalog lyrics or titles on their songs. They must want to reach out to wider audiences other than the Filipinos. It was 1985, and I quote my friend Jake and musical correspondent who shared this, "they sound so much more focused than any other pinoy band...it was 1985 for f*^k's sake...back when The Dawn didn't have Jett and Deans December had their original singer."

I'd say that this band is a little way ahead of its time or just plainly and appropriately on its time. I wouldn't want to mention another band that sounds like or influenced by them. Just wanted to know them as they are. Hints of rock metal and pop. This is a serious and talented group of Filipino artists that is just too cool to mention. Yes, and they really do sound foreign if you insist.

Side A
1. Keep Our Love Alive (Aves/Macaraeg)
2. Run (G.Macaraeg)
3. Love Is All I Need (Aves/Macaraeg)
4. While Angels March (Ocampo/Macaraeg)

Side B
1. Got Carried Away (B. Aves)
2. So Glad (G. Macaraeg)
3. Set Me Free (Asuncion/Aves/Macaraeg)
4. Street Legal (G. Macaraeg)

Goff Macaraeg: Vocals
Bob Aves: Guitars, Keyboards and Bass
Roy Mercado: Drums

Guest Musicians:
Ric Segreto: Back-up Vocals
Louie Ocampo: Keyboards on "While Angels March"

Produced by Bob Aves & Goff Macaraeg
Executive Producer: Mike Pedero
All songs arranged by Bob Aves
Recorded and Mixed by Jofel Meimban & Mike Pedero at Tracks Recording Studio
Album Cover by Libertine Aves
Shared by Jake Kussmaul

Copyright 1985 Aves/Macaraeg
Released by Blackgold Records Corporation (BA-5161)
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Saturday, May 12, 2012


The Morose Morrissey
by Rak N. Rowling


In the advent of Morrissey's Manila concert, I'm honoring his visit by posting this Morrissey compilation. Here is my list of great Morrissey songs. Not necessarily Morrissey's hits but just down to the unpopular if not morose. And luckily we have the internet.  I got to learn more about this talented musician. I collected a number of facts, trivia and quotes about him.  Some may not have been updated but feel free to comment.

All You Need Is Me
My Love Life
Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference
Interesting Drug
You're The One For Me Fatty
You Should Have Been Nice To Me
I Don't Mind If You Forget Me
Honey You Know Where To Find Me
We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys



Morrissey was born Steven Patrick Morrissey on May 22nd 1959 at Park Hospital in Davyhulme, England (now called Trafford General Hospital). He began going by just "Morrissey" around the time the Smiths began.  He said it was because it was a new beginning for him, and he wanted to forgot the old "clumsy and shy" Steven.

Moz's marital status, single as it gets.

He hasn't got any children, and it doesn't look like he's going to. See (I'm) The End Of The Family Line.

"Moz", "Mozzer", "Mozza" nick-names were coined during the Smiths days by the NME in Britain.

Moz is of Catholic roots but is non-religious himself, with seeming inclinations towards atheism.

In February 2006, Morrissey said he had been interviewed by the FBI and by British intelligence after having spoken out against the American and British governments.

Morrissey has severely criticized: Madonna, David Bowie and George Michael, The Cure's Robert Smith (who was quoted as saying, "If Morrissey says don't eat meat, then I'll eat meat, because I hate Morrissey").

Morrissey also once openly wished that "Morrissey & Marr: The Severed Alliance" author Johnny Rogan "ends his days very soon in an M3 pile-up".

In 1992, Morrissey's album Your Arsenal earned a Grammy nomination for best alternative rock album.

Morrissey was the president of The New York Dolls fan club in the 70s at the age of 18.

Morrissey's favourite Smiths songs are I Keep Mine Hidden and Shoplifters Of The World and probably many more...


"Long hair is an unpardonable offense which should be punishable by death."

"I do think it's possible to go through life and never fall in love, or find someone who loves you."

"That's why I do this music business thing, it's communication with people without having the extreme inconvenience of actually phoning anybody up."

"Age shouldn't affect you. It's just like the size of your shoes - they don't determine how you live your life! You're either marvellous
or you're boring, regardless of your age."

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Amongst The Garden Paths
by: Ryex

 Picture yourself on an afternoon behind the drizzle, feeling fairly cold. And then the hard rain. Storm came. Strong winds. And after an hour, everything stopped. Rained and stormed. Outside wet, clouds clearing out. Sky going bloody blue. And then, you're just alone. No one around. Everyone's away. No one, Just the sky, the soaking wet shrubs and trees dropping leaves everywhere. Rain water still streaming like river through the canals. Birds chirping and the silence. And emptiness.

And you played this record... loud. It made everything fine.

Not to be confused by that other band from Warsaw, Poland. This hailed from Hershey, Pennsylvania. Every track just sounds relaxing and grand. The same mood all the way through. Like a cross between The Railway Children and The Ocean Blue. Sadly, this is another underrated band.

"Riverside's One album ultimately defined what a new wave sound should be! All of the tunes passed beyond great new wave standards!" AMAZON

Riverside's second album, Taste, was rejected by their label (Sire), and eventually released via the band’s website. They continue to play dates sporadically, most recently in their hometown of Philadelphia.

“Waterfall” peaked at #26 on the Modern Rock Tracks Chart in 1992.

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Monday, May 7, 2012


by J.C. Gopel

This is a tribute to the technical super group from Mars; Hum. You have to play this moderately loud so you'd know the difference. I read negative reviews of this release. They described the samples of this tribute as an insult to such an influential band. Apparently sounds like a poorly mixed high school talent show. "It's pretty bad", they say. "The poetic, sonic, monotone is basically destroyed". "It's a choppy horrible mess", 'A Nightmare", "Really Bad', "Draggy", "Slow", "Bad Mastering", "Uninspired", "Sound Fake", "Just isn't Right" and "Purely Bad". The bad reviews go on. And the bands here are not well known. And of course, the original is awesome.

"The Scientists", the first track, I'd say could be the best rendition here. "Stars" features an over enthusiastic drummer. "Ms. Lazarus" sounds for a lack of a better word "EMO". Anakin produced a heavy, slower version of "I'd Like Your Hair Long", emphasizing the words "you'd prefer an astronaut". I'd say in conclusion that whoever liked this would definitely look back and listen to the real thing. Compare both tracks and decide for themselves. It is after all just a tribute.


Thursday, May 3, 2012


Flies On Turds
by R.C. Avellanosa

Yes indeed, it's early Nirvana. We had no idea what happened then. Kurt Cobain formed the band with Dale Crover. Buzz and all of them followed. Most of these songs are now on youtube. If you expect hi-fi, I'm sorry but you can remaster it yourself. Perhaps someone already did.

Boy, would I like to do her/I'd like to jump her bones/Slip her the hot beef injection/I'm hoping she gives me a hand-job/Hum'na hum'na/I got so wasted last Saturday night/Drank a whole half-gallon/Got really sick, puked/It was great, though/And me and my break-dancing friends went out/And beat up some punk rock faggots/Buffy's pregnant/We'll plan a future/We'll fit the class/Go debate on/Who has the nicest ass/Spread our mind games/With verbal words/We are all the same/Just flies on turds/Clone, clone, clone, clone

Saw you yesterday/Eighty-six rules/Did you hear what Marsha said?/"Like, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know."/Chris called me up/And he went and I went/And, oh, my God, I'm so embarrassed/I could just scream/"I swear, I will never talk to him, as long as I live"/Buffy's pregnant/Plan a future/We'll fit the class/We'll go debate on/Who has the nicest ass/Spread our mind games/With verbal words/We are all the same/Just flies on turds/Clone, clone, clone, clone

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Monday, April 30, 2012


Better Than Love
by R.C. Avellanosa

This is a Philippine various artists release by Wea Records and was originally a playlist from Radio JAM 88.3.  Aptly entitled "It's Called Modern Rock", the compilation featured the best of the modern rock music scene of the early nineties. It was that time when grunge was still obscure and heavy metal was the fad. Music was still not considered Alternative and New Wave became New Music to Modern Rock. And so I tried to compile this selection anew, and I might not get the right sequence but this is close I hope, and I know I got all the tracks right.

Noel Burke's Echo and The Bunnymen was different from Ian's, still he did a very fine job with "Reverberation", cooing "Enlighten Me" with Will. Too Much Joy's "Crush Story" is arguably the best, most charming song here, is also played on the Idols Documentary. The Replacements with "Merry Go Round" is one of Paul's happier songs. From the album ...Sound, The Mighty Lemon Drops rendered the lovely "My Shadow Girl" which I think is now a rarity. Never realized until lately that Hindu Love Gods = R.E.M. - Stipe + Warren Zevon. Playing Prince original song "Raspberry Beret". Katydids' most amazing song "Girl In A Jigsaw Puzzle" is completely awesome. And all throughout side B, I'd leave you to play it and decide for yourself. Now, will you trip to sound with me?


Sunday, April 29, 2012


15 Smiles, Oh Yes!
by R.C. Avellanosa

I can't begin to express the excitement I felt when I came across this. It is serendipity. This is the compilation I fell in love with for years. The cassette was played over and over until it was worn out, lost and faded in time. I was not really able to listen to the previous Third Wave compilations. This is the only chapter I am familiar with and it is the final but not the last. Bootleg CDs 1 and 2 followed. I did have to compile the songs myself. I only had to know the sequence and of course the exact songs. The order is crucial for my own ultimate listening experience. As it was arranged on cassette before. This was only released in the Philippines by Mercury Records under Dyna.

Paul Weller and The Jam for the first track with the theme song of the 1960s TV series Batman. The second track "Gone Daddy Gone" is dominated by xylophones. Third track is the sun-children's uniform "Flowers In Our Hair" performed by Julianne Regan (Gene Loves Jezebel, The Mission) and All About Eve. Also found on the soundtrack for the movie Some Kind Of Wonderful is the studio version of March Violets' "Turn To The Sky". You might find the lyrics mixed up with that other version. But still it has the same feel. The Cure's "How Beautiful You Are" can be found on Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me which I think is the best underrated song from that album. Xmal Deutschland is a band from Hamburg, Germany. The song is in German with words like Polarlicht...Von Alaska bis Kiruna..Scheine scheine and when you translate, you'd get the words Aurora..Northern Lights ...From Alaska to Kiruna ..Northern Lights ...Storm among the stars, Flares on the horizon! Burn burn ... Aura in the night sky..I think is cooler than it is.

So on to Side Two. Turn that tape first. Now it's Voice of The Beehive with the hit "I Say Nothing" needs no words to describe. I saw a movie and read a book The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I think that is where they named their band from. The Fountainhead's "Someone Like You" is pure New Wave, a mood set in a city of lights swarming with strangers. The second Violent Femmes song on this record, "Blister In The Sun" is supposedly all about masturbation. You decide if it really is. "I Will Remember" brings me back to the younger dreams of youth, Hard Rain by the way is not fronted by Bono. Camouflage with the haunting "Strangers Thoughts" is one new music song any waver shouldn't miss. And the last song which is my least favorite "America" by King Kurt.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012



The Clown Spot
by R.C. Avellanosa

It's always good to hear new songs from Guided By Voices. Glimpses, this apparently the second single "Jon the Croc" from the upcoming release Class Clown Spots A UFO. The release review at Rockathon says "We don't know who Jon is, but we wouldn't want to be him. + catchy as hell Tobin Sprout non-lp b-side". No need to describe further. I am saving it for the actual release. Now where could that class clown have spotted a UFO?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


In The Water, See It Swimming
by R.C. Avellanosa

I searched and searched online. Searched for covers of my favorite songs. Searched deeper and was not disappointed. Had to find bands that play cover songs like we do too. There were quite a lot. I chose those that sounded a little different, a version that is. This is all cover versions of some of the best songs I heard. It is quite a stellar cast of new and equally great bands.  The first song is a decent almost, acoustic version of Tool's "Prison Sex". The Go Team! surprisingly did an awesome version of Sonic Youth's "Bull In The Heather". My Vitriol's "Game of Pricks" I'd say is the best version I heard outshining the others.  The fourth track is a lovely rendition of Echo & The Bunnymen's "The Cutter" by the eccentric pop-core Solex. Joy Division is represented here by Billy Corgan's side project Starchildren. It's quite good. You'd think its his own. Placebo did a perfect dose on "Where Is My Mind?". American indie/punk rock band Bad Astronaut covered my Posies' favorite "Solar Sister". It sounded almost the same but it still feels good to hear that it is covered.

From the motion picture The Cars 2, and of The Cars of course, Weezer's pop influence and powerplay rock for "You Might Think" is simply brilliant. The Violent Femmes always sound adorably lazy covering Culture Club's hit "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me". You must have heard The The's "Uncertain Smile" somewhere one way or another. And I could never forget this rendition of Pierce Turner. The eleventh track is Jawbox squeaky rock version of Sinatra's "I Got You Under My Skin". And the last and twelfth bonus track is Ian Broudie and The Lightning Seeds' upbeat version of The Only Ones' "Another Girl Another Planet" as good as the Mighty Lemon Drops version.  These and all are the coolest songs I heard all week so far.

The Soundtripper Volumes
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