Saturday, March 31, 2012


 Catching The Sun's Embrace
by R.C. Avellanosa

I don't want to compare any artist with Dinosaur Jr. but I can't help it. I hear The Beatles, B52s, and The Beach Boys on this. These tracks I think should have belonged to Hand It Over. On "Take A Run At The Sun", J Mascis is in the most happy mood. It's like a sunny song, worth playing on the beach, a refreshing drink under the heat of the sun. This track can also be found as a soundtrack for the film "Grace Of My Heart" which I never really saw. But the track was credited only to J Mascis and not as Dinosaur Jr. "Don't You Think It's Time" is the second track.  A soft rendering song. Is like the middle child of the record which is essentially is. "The Pickle Song" brings back that jolly mood mixed with Mascis' lazy chant. The shortest of the three, I am I little disappointed. It was just an eight minute drive. But I can go round and round and round though for which to replay and replay it over and over.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012


The Swans Flew Sky High and Landed
by R.C. Avellanosa

It was a vacation we could never forget. I already heard this record. It is found on line if you know where to look. I even have their live performance on BBC Radio Station. Spaceflower, Bringing Home The Ashes, Incandescent, Magnitude and the EP. I have them all. I have a copy of Skyray and The Man In A Burning Anorak.  What else is there? I'd say I'm worthy for a Wild Swans gig. I already have my ticket bought for me by my brother. I, my brother (Leo) and my cousin (Dong), flew for Cebu City to meet my older brother (Nonoy) and watch a band from Liverpool live. We even had the privilege to see them a day before the gig. Thanks to my brother Nonoy, we met and rubbed shoulders with The Wild Swans. We arrived at Diamond Suites just in time for the press conference to end. And as the questions and interviews ended, I could see that they are excited as we are for their gig. Ricky Maymi with the promoters and staff started selling t-shirts and CDs "The Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years". I bought the cd which cost a thousand five hundred pesos, sadly without the EP but it's worth the purchase because I had them sign on the cd sleeve front cover. Paul, Richard, Ricky, Mike and Les signed on the cover of my CD LP "The Coldest Winter for a Hundred Years". My brother had his Wild Swans shirt signed too by Paul Simpson.

We didn't have to leave the country. That made all the difference. It was like high school all over again. We were free. It was even my first time in the city. It is a vacation and I didn't have the time to look around. Though I could tell it's a busy one, more progressive than my hometown. The Wild Swans gig was what mattered. And as the night came for the gig, entering the grand ballroom of the Waterfront Hotel made it feel like home. Along with other Wild Swans fans and music lovers, beers, food & drinks everywhere, 'twas ethereal. I was almost smiling the whole time. New wave songs were played before the performance. So distinctively loud that it sounded like it's played by a different but better band. I hear Yazoo, The Care, Mighty Lemon Drops songs on the air. The front act was a Filipino band "Dead Pop Stars" who played The Smiths and Morrissey the whole set. They were great for a New Wave revival band.

September 30th of 2011, nine PM, they played the song "Bible Dreams" first. And other songs followed, my cousin and my brother beside me, were jumping, started to move forward. We saw a group of men sporting the same Bringing Home The Ashes shirts. And as the songs kept coming familiar and unfamiliar "Whirlpool Heart" "In Secret", everyone around almost became instant acquaintances. Dance, jump, shout, sing ...anyone not doing so do not belong there. My cousin and brother's beers kept flowing as the songs were playing. It was evident that the gig was ending when Paul tried to talk to a part of the crowd, urging them to come forward, stand and stop acting like zombies on their seats. We were at the very rear part of the ballroom but we tore down through the obstacles, chairs, ropes and people and ending up near the band on the stage. The VIPs sitting near the stage didn't know what's coming. Suddenly Wild Swans was so close by, we along with the other swans' fans were singing louder now that we're near them. "The Worst Year Of My Life" was played on and saying goodbye with the Care's "Whatever Possessed You".

So this record, their latest release, should be a part of a New Waver's collection. The Wild Swans still has that original sound. Paul's voice still echoes that lovingly, haunting experience he alone can give. "Liquid Mercury" was perfect. "Chloroform", "In Secret", my favorites. "English Electric Lightning" is a statement. All the songs are wonderful. The album came with the lyrics. And I was expecting "Tracks In Snow" EP too. The new Wild Swans lineup for this record; Paul Simpson (The Care/Skyray/Teardrop Explodes) on vocals, Les Pattinson (Echo And The Bunnymen)on bass, Ricky Maymi (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) on rhythm guitar, Mike Mooney (Julian Cope/Spiritualized), and Steve Beswick of Slipstream on drums.

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Worn Down and Hardly Breathing
by R.C. Avellanosa

I can't remember the soundtripper that gave me this record. He traded it for "The Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years" leak I had. So we exchanged. And as I started to play it I realized this is one very rare find. Janice Long is a broadcaster still currently working on BBC Radio 2. From Sunday to Thursday nights, Englishmen could listen to her show from midnight until 2 AM. This particular program,, which aired May 15th of 2010, featured the long awaited return of The Wild Swans. Here, Janice introduced the new lineup which consists of Paul Simpson, Steve Beswick, Rob Hack and Richard Turvey. They played acoustically live on the BBC Radio.

It's almost ten years since Incandescent. The Singles "English Electric Lightning" and "Liquid Mercury" released by Occultation came a year before this. And the full length The "Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years" would later be released come 2011. This contained only three tracks and the fourth track is the complete interview and the songs. On the interview, Paul mentioned Les Pattinson (Echo And The Bunnymen) as their new bassist. And as Paul introduces every song before its played, any Wild Swans fan couldn't deny the same familiar feeling of a lovely Wild Swans song.  Stellar and incomparable. And upon this music experience, the day has come for The Wild Swans to visit my country the Philippines.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


From The Garage
by R.C. Avellanosa

One of those records in college that I always listen to but never really owned. Some friends tend to have them earlier than me. And as I even go to the nearest record store regularly in between classes, this record (on cassette those days) remained on sale in front of me. But the band attracted the regular airplay of our favorite (now dead) local rock radio station. So I accepted the fact that I'd never have that (His N Hers) record. Just the same, I just listened to Pulp on the radio and also on their (DWNU 107) NOT RADIO program until I settled on by copying a friends copy and onwards. Their sound is just distinct for me. I could identify a Pulp song meters away. Not all the particular titles though, but I would know if its' a Pulp song or not. Of all the hundred alternative bands played everyday, I know Pulp by ear. It is that familiar for me.

His 'N Hers is commonly described as the band's breakthrough album. Their fourth after the almost obscure Separations. One of those bands that is classified as Brit-Pop, alongside Elastica, Shed Seven, Cast, Rialto, Catatonia, and Suede among others. And although "Do You Remember The First Time?" was my very first favorite of Pulp song, I just want to introduce and highlight "Babies" as an equally charming one. It's a song that tells a very short story. Of hiding inside closets and infatuation, Pulp has that virtual feeling to its songs.  One can't only hear their songs, one can also see it as it is played from where ever.  Now, you should look for the Deluxe Edition of this release.

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[audio:|titles=02 - I'm Not In Love]
In Love Not
by R.C. Avellanosa

10cc's founding members were childhood friends from Manchester. Their musical passion led them to join a local band "Jewish Lads' Brigade". They were also known earlier as The Whirlwinds then to "The Mockingbirds". And members from "The Mindbenders" recording demos at the Stockport studio later renamed Strawberry Studios after The Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever". Three of the members released recording singles under the name "Hotlegs". They later reformed as "Doctor Father". Under unusual and different names, the changing landscape led to the original line-up of course finally the 10cc. And as they signed with Mercury Records, the one song "I'm Not In Love"  became the catalyst for the deal.

I heard it first when I was at Vice City of all places. It was really not that surprising. The kind of songs to play on the beach watching the restless waves and the sun. The first song was like a symphony and it took longer than expected. "I'm Not In Love" was a splendid denial love song.  I'd say it's a mellow kind of Art Rock. It is 70's Pop at the very least. The sound which would gives some hints to the kind of music that's evolving and would later become known arguably as New Wave.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


[audio:|titles=09-kiss my ass goodbye]
Itches And Bitchs
by R.C. Avellanosa

I came across 7 Year Bitch on the late 90s. It is rock music influenced by punk and grunge. Made a background check and found out that they had three album spanning 1990 to 1997. It is girl power, feisty and full of angst. Pioneered by Vigil, Sargent (deceased), Davis, and Agnew. They hailed from Seattle, Washington. And said to be related to Barbie’s Dream Car and Zapata fronted The Gits. Their first album Sick ‘Em was overshadowed by Sargent’s death of heroin overdose. And Following Zapata’s rape and murder, 7 Year Bitch released Viva Zapata! in tribute to her and of their fallen friends. At par with L7, Bikini Kill, Huggy Bear and Babes In Toyland, with a hint of Breeders on the outside, 7 Year Bitch burns with scorching flames, lady heavy, drags and kick ass!

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The Ultra powerful Lithium Battery Is usually 2032 Battery

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There are numerous kinds of battery power are available in the market. Relative to systems and producing ingredients they are lithium or maybe lithium ion batteries, lead acid, nickel hydride and nickel cadmium batteries. Other kinds of battery power are also noticed on the market but the on top of are the best valuable regarding work with. But these types of 2032 battery is the most effective, powerful as well as functional one.

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CR 2032 3v employ an extended life timeframe, however in case you obtain getting an inexpensive one, or even bump off model, often quite simple exist around few weeks and also you are experiencing to swap this once more. This problem may be fixed by applying 2032 batteries.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


[audio:|titles=01 Keep It In Motion]
Keep It In Line
by R.C. Avellanosa

Just this morning, Lost Transmission 9 traded something delightful. As promised, "Keep It In Motion" was delivered by power pop express mail. On "Keep It In Motion", first single off “Clown Spots A UFO”, I hear Sprout singing with Pollard, so wonderful I had to smile. "White World" is piece of awesome bliss, Pixies-ish. For a moment I thought I was playing "Debaser". "Pink Wings" was like a static lullaby. I played each track three times with a pause to savour the moment. I think that's how singles should be played. It's one of those releases you'd hate to miss. I'm so grateful that a transmission was lost in my area. This is the reunited classic '93-'96 line-up of Guided By Voices (R. Pollard, Sprout, Mitchell, Fennell and Demos). This is a single off their full-length "Class Clown Spots A UFO" coming up around May. And a feature somewhere says it is now complete waiting for that month to come. I can expect Guided By Voices to churn up more albums forward. Indie bands and followers everywhere will be up to their heels for the next Guided By Voices obsession. GBV Tunes shall be heard across continents, fate of which is dictated by discarded boomboxes, beer bottles, butts and ashes of pleasure.

Robert was way off the mark when he announced once that "Half Smiles of The Decomposed" would be their last album. Saying "This is it!” but hey, look! Three to four albums for the year at least is possible with the pace their going. One album each quarter would be neat; I'd sport a heartfelt grin the whole year. The resurrection has given the GBV crowd all over the world yet another reason to jump high, fly like superman across the room and to the pit. It is a running statement proving that old Indie Rock is not dead.


"Sweetly touching brain pop... playground psychedelia at its most brilliant and uplifting." **** 4 Stars – Mojo // "A kaleidoscopic burst of ideas and passion and absurdity." 4 Stars - The Guardian // "Re-formed underground legends return at full pelt." **** 4 Stars - Q Magazine // "A glorious, frayed-at-the-edges patchwork of bristling garage pop, stadium rock racketeering, saloon-bar tenderness, and nightmarishly ramshackle dirges." 8/10

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 The Noise Guide
 by Righex

This is a lo-fi material. It is garage music, like a band playing on the adjoining room. Park your car outside, zoom up the volume, it’s Guided By Voices. ‘Bobby P’ on the groove with grinning guitars and heart wrenching drums drenched with acoustic and static overtones. Hints of punk rock and The Who revival, The Grand Hour is a solution to a situational hazard. “Shocker in Gloomtown”, of which a live version is found on Jellyfish Reflector, was covered by The Breeders. For which a music video showed them playing it while Pollard and the crew was out peeking right in. Playful and rough, some track titles here ended up being album titles. And I was wondering if it was intentional for the song "Off The floor" to have started with a glimpse of "Hot Freaks", it’s unmistakable. It ended with the most playful song, the wobbly "Bee Thousand".

It’s a grand experience your parents can handle. They can throw it, so put it on your shelves, on your drawers, beside the lamp or on your desk, chances are you’d find yourself fixated. Don’t be alarmed, the five year old drummer from “Bee Thousand” might pick this one up from the trash, you’ll get over it.

“As Fast Japanese Spin Cycle is not available here, The Grand Hour is a fine alternative. It's 6 songs overflow with fine music and it features at least 2 classic GBV tunes. "Shocker in Gloomtown", "Off The Floor" and "Break Even" are great songs. "Alien Lanes" and "Bee Thousand" supply missing title songs to their two finest albums and "I'll Get Over It" is a decent song as well. This is a must have for any GBV fan and a nice snapshot of the band as it was just reaching it's peak. Get it....this will only make you cooler.”


[audio:|titles=03 Rubber Man]
The Short Stop
by R.C. Avellanosa

It's "Big School" at the homefront. Never realized the beauty of this record until I replayed and pondered it this time. Robert's young voice resonates along with brother Jim's guitars, Mitch's scratches and Kevin's drums. You'd think for a moment that it was Sprout singing. It is simply pop, punk and rock. That's the best way to put it. The shortest "Rubber Man" confirms it. You know cause you know cause you know, like a Nirvana bonus track. And "Hey Aardvark" reminds me a little like the shortest Beatles song. Lo-fi royalty at it's finest, Guided By Voices, made this around the days when alternative rock was commercialized, the hey days of modern rock bands. And for a 4-Track recording, I should say this is how it is. This is how it should sound and for sure Tobin would agree. And I think I got to have that gelatin, ice cream, plum.

Song Feature: RUBBER MAN

Tobin Sprout
Robert Pollard
Jim Pollard
Mitch Mitchell
Kevin Fennell

Recording Location
Tobin Sprout's 4-Track

You bounce back
You're so bad
You know where you're going you know
You leave now
You come back
You know cause you know cause you know
You know cause you know cause you know

Notes on STATIC AIRPLANE JIVE by Andrew Stecz

"...are more sonic ramblings of the street philosopher, you follow, listen carefully, and wait for that brilliant moment that will make all the waiting and listening worth it…."

Band Link

Friday, March 23, 2012


[audio:|titles=12 Science Magazine]
Still The Scientist
by R.C. Avellanosa

Mouseman Cloud is Robert Pollard's new album following Guided By Voices' Let's Go Eat The Factory. "Obvious #1", the opening track basically gives you the mood of the whole record. Spontaneous and straightforward, Mouseman Cloud could easily be the record to squeal about. "Picnic Drum' is like a siren call for for a gathering of ice cream eating communities. Catchy and full of wit, "Human Zoo" didn't even have to reach the fiftieth second break to call it a new wave track. Rightfully followed by the drums fed and groovy "Bats Flew Up", will make the clouds smile with amusement. "Mother's Milk and Magnets" reflects the kind of song that twists Robert Pollard is known for. The record got me on the fourth track and stood in line to see "Dr. Time". It's lovely.  It's a one chorus song that lasted only for a minute gloriously. "Lizard Ladder" sounds like a mad chant of marching soldiers off for battle. "Science Magazine" is my favorite. It stood out. "Aspirin Moon" is groovy, the kind of song to play inside a car and motoring away. I would call "Half-Strained" to be half as eerie as it is, playful and freaky. Careers, technical subjects, charming and fumbling words seem to dwell on Robert Pollard's repertoire. His progressing curve seems to spin and go for miles and miles. And so that does it, had to listen to this furthermore,  over and over.


I work for science magazine
astronaut, engineer
and photographer
the mirror shoots
for the distant beginning
is the piece
I shall be working
It is for peace
I shall be working
I chair
the regrettable act
sub committee
when I said
I will kill you
in so many words
I was impossible
I'm pampering
the visible shakes
and I owe you
of peace I shall be writing
it is on peace I am deciding



"He takes pains. He edits. He cares deeply about each and every part of each and every song he records. That he seems to do so frequently and effortlessly is not his fault. It’s a unique and unparalleled talent. Mouseman Cloud is the work of a consummate craftsman as well as a crazy genius, and proof that these two traits are not incompatible."

Band Link


[audio:|titles=01 Glad Girls]

Get You High
by R.C. Avellanosa

You can't leave out "Glad Girls". It's one of their best songs. Stand and roll around the floor, shake your brains or jump and do the Superman pose. It's Guided By Voices ladies and gentleman and it's good the girls are glad. At some point, somewhere somehow, clouds form smiles. Buses and trucks roll in, as birds dance, flew over the sun on cities powdered by industries. Men on coffee shops and offices, dressed with forlorn, walking passing through sexy, jumping, dancing figures wondering what the hell they're doing here.

This should be the Australian release. I'd say the "Glad Girls" version here is quite the same as what's found on Isolation Drills. One true GBV fan could point out if I'm mistaken. This is neat and brilliant for a GBV follower. This should be around in one of your collection. "On With The Show", lines appeared on "Blimps Go 90", is the third longer track. "North American Vampires" lasted almost only a minute, with words about sensitive Einsteins and a crusty New Waver. River of statistics, shitheads and growing bank accounts, Pollard says "on with the show!"

Song Feature: GLAD GIRLS

Needmore Songs

Robert Pollard

Robert Pollard
Doug Gillard
Nate Farley
Tim Tobias
Jim Macpherson

Hey, glad girls only want to get you high
And they're alright

There will be no coronation
There will be no flowers flowing
In the light that passes though me

Hey, glad girls only want to get you high
And they're alright

There will be no graduation
There will be no trumpets blowing
In the light that passes through me

With the sinking of the sun
I've come to greet you
Clean your hands and go to sleep
Confess the dreams
Of good and bad men all around
Some are lost
And some have found
The light that passes though me

Notes on GLAD GIRLS by Gawdam Adam

"The dumbing down of America has been avoided, because the words “hip” and “hop” have not been put together.  Mouseketeers end up working at McDonalds after their run is up with Mickey. The phrase “the next step in reality television” has never, nor ever will be muttered. Movies about football players starring ex-teen stars directed by washed up sitcom stars are outlawed. EVERYTHING smells and tastes like the beautiful flower of an untouched goddess.  And Glad Girls is the anthem of a generation. Oh, and I’m the supreme ruler of all and people bow to my every need and desire. That about does it."


Band Link


[audio:|titles=02 Perfect This Time]
Out Mysteriously
by R.C. Avellanosa

And one would ask yet again, "what's the difference between these two records?"  This promotional edition had only three tracks compared with the EP which had nine. And it's a single.  There's even another format, a promotional release from "Do The Collapse" which had Ric Ocasek's radio mix, a Joseph-Puig radio mix and the "call out hook", which I yet have to find. There's even a Re-Pressing release too.  Guided By Voices releases get confusing sometimes. I guess the formats differ from when it's produced from another country or label. This Promo version is from UK under the label Creation.

But "Hold On Hope" is lovely as ever. It's like an anthem for a life falling out of purpose.  This has to be the one made up for the TV Comedy "Scrubs".  The Hold On Hope edit version is slightly different from the other.  It is a bit cleaner and clearer. Can't almost tell them apart, if they were recorded at different times or not. But it is an edit, so it's the same recording just edited or remastered. The second track "Perfect This Time" is just perfect and refreshing, apt to follow holding on hope.  "Teenage FBI"'s demo version sounds raw but just the same it's classic GBV. One would think it's a live, lo-fi version apart from studio version which can be found on "Do The Collapse".


Needmore Songs

Robert Pollard
Doug Gillard
Jim Macpherson
Greg Demos

Production Engineers
Ric Ocasek
Brian Sperber

Doug Gillard

Studio Mixing Location
Suma Studio



Oh, to lift me over lines I shall not cross
You can't mean that
If it causes pain at any cost
You can't mean that
There is a guy
Who comes around and counts you
Knows your name
Assigns a descriptive sign
But it's so hard to analyze that sign
Were you perfect this time?


Oh, to lift me over lines I shall not cross
You can't mean that
If it cause pain at any cost
You can't mean that
There is a guy
Who comes around and counts you
Knows your name
Assigns a descriptive sign
But it's so hard to analyze that sign
Were you perfect this time?
Perfect this time?
Perfect this time
Band Link


[audio:|titles=01 Surgical Focus (Alternative Version)]

Program Profound
by R.C. Avellanosa

One can't say the accurate number of records the Guided By Voices have. One can only try to listen and pass it on. You'd be amazed on how prolific Robert Pollard is as a songwriter and a performer. Sprout, Gillard and almost each of them have played with other bands with obscure names and records. They circle in and out of the band. Past, side and solo projects flooded through. There's Circus Devils, Cosmos, Gem and Boston Spaceships to name a few. But let us go back to the program.

Plugs For The Program is a special EP exclusively for Newberry comics and TVT, whatever that is. Another one of those GBV's limited editions, were apparently sold for $2.99 on some locations. There are three tracks on this EP. One of them which is Track one, "a non LP version", is my favorite "Surgical Focus" which is wonderfully remixed. It starts with a killer guitar intro. It is one of those four versions of this song. Backed up with "Sucker of Pistol City" and a demo version of "Picture of Big Time". And I, The Soundtripper, end this up by singing "I will deliver to yooooo hooo, yeah!"


Robert Pollard
Doug Gillard
Jim Macpherson
Greg Demos

Mixing - Lou Giordano
Producer - Ric Ocasek

With surgical focus
She stared at me and said
I'm willing to reach out
Get in to your head
And I will keep you
and cleanse you
She glared at me and wept
A change is not going to hurt you
Not this time

And I've been waiting in line for this
Now that it's taken forever
I insist


Until I get it, I can't breathe
Climbing high upon the rocky cliffs
We fly
With surgical focus

Notes on SURGICAL FOCUS by thezestofyore & zazeify

"This song is so good it hurts. The true mark of a versatile song. You could play most of Bob's stuff, underwater, backwards and they would still rock."

Band Link

Thursday, March 22, 2012



Released: Mastered in 2002
Album – Disc 1 / 15 Original Tracks + 4 Bonus Tracks
Disc 2 / 19 Tracks

Dirty Starry
by R.C. Avellanosa

A comment from a fan on YouTube says that Sonic Youth’s “Dirty” album has a Deluxe Edition. Apparently a lot of bands are having Remastered or Deluxe Editions these days. I just read it yesterday. I immediately looked for it wherever online if there’s a free downloadable edition. It took me overnight to find it. I’m playing the record as I write. The Deluxe Edition has two discs. Disc 1 contains the 15 original songs with 4 bonus tracks. “Stalker”, “Genetic”, “Hendrix Necro”, and “The Destroyed Room”. I am familiar with fifteen songs from the original release. And Dirty was one of their best record to boot. It is their seventh release following the phenomenal Goo. If you know Sonic Youth and look deeper online, you’d find out there’s a lot to find. EPs, singles, compilation, albums, soundtracks, and more rarities, there’s too much.

But I won’t have to tell you so much about it. I got hooked on Sonic Youth on the early 90s. And I won’t lie that Dirty was the first record I heard from them. Their earlier records, the self-titled EP (1982) “Sister”, “Evol”, and the other three was never released on cassette those days. So I had to settle for Dirty as the first record. And as other alternative bands flooded in like Nirvana, Pavement, The Smashing Pumpkins, the nineties generative atmosphere sounded so colourful.

Released a year after Nirvana’s Nevermind, Dirty was like that exclamation point. Once we even got the song “Chapel Hill” confused with “On The Strip”. The length of one song must have bonked us out. “Nic Fit” most probably. But we loved “Chapel Hill”. We ended up playing the songs over and over. Ending up to form a band covered and played the songs. The drums and guitars of Sonic Youth was never the same with other bands, their sound distinctly way off the usual mark. Obscure as they were before, Dirty was the more commercially accepted album. “Sugarkane” , said to be about Marilyn Monroe, was like something pulled out from beneath Planet Kool, played for mutants and earmongers. “100%”, written for Joe Cole, is a hundred percent of love from the underworld. “Wish Fulfillment” used to fill my heart with awful fits of rage, made it my anti-depressant anthem. The other songs sped like bullets in a barrel.

A thing I observed from Sonic Youth is their ability to make the guitars’ notes go with the singing like the songs “Stalker” and the “Kool Thing”. And some parts where repetitive constant drumming and guitars made to sound like annoying swinging bells and hammers in your head. The Sonic Youth trademark, inspired by Sister and Confusion is Sex is painted on Dirty in opaque red. Like traffic gone haywire immobile, hint of Pink Floyd in the making. It’s the Punk Rock and the beauty that happens with the song, the guitar screeches and static, had my head put forward. You’d notice it on every album. Songs made by guitar savants, almost mad and retardant, Sonic Youth it is.

And as I listened on and on throughout Disc 2 and read the notes on, I learned that it is dedicated to exclusive, never-before-heard 8-track demos recorded during late 1991 at SY's Hoboken rehearsal space. You can hear early, instrumental versions of six "Dirty" songs appear: "Barracuda" (Drunken Butterfly), "Guido" (Wish Fulfillment), "Stalker", "Moonface" (JC), "Theoretical Chaos" (Swimsuit Issue), "Youth Against Fascism", and a final lone Lee take of "Wish Fulfillment" w/ bird sounds courtesy of Michael Morley. They were apparently different from the final arrangements. And there were four songs that didn’t made it to “Dirty”. "Dreamfinger" and "Lite Damage", a short explosive F#GA rocker "New White Kross", and "Poet in the Pit", which appears to be a very early version of "Cindy (Rotten Tanx)", a song that would appear on Thurston's "Psychic Hearts" LP.

And if you’re saddened by the breakup and thinking of Sonic Youth’s uncertain future today, the members going their separate ways, Steve with the Disappears, Lee Ranaldo’s Band, Thurston Moore’s solo effort and Kim’s clothing venture, Sonic Youth’s demise must be underway. But for this record, it had to be said that for a two Disc Deluxe Edition, Sonic Youth could surely leave your ears well constipated.

Song Feature:
Track length: 2:58
Originally Released on:
DIRTY (vinyl)
also appears on:
Drunken Butterfly single
Burning Leaves comp
Dirty deluxe reissue 2CD/4LP
MIX TAPE vol 1

Thurston - guitar/vocals
Kim - bass
Lee - guitar
Steve - drums

Got me prowlin' like a police car
I'm stalkin' and walkin', you're my movie star
I know your trailer, it glows in the dark
You got that certain something
That special spark

I wanna know

What you think of this idea
You and me and no one else
Your friends at work will disappear
And that guy you're with, he was never there
Every night rewind the dream
TV static sex in flame
You know it's harder all the time
It's comin' down real fast in my mind

I will not live without you, yeah you

I gotta give my whole life

I'm comin', knockin' at your door
I hear you walkin 'cross the floor
Now I know where my ambition lies
My love it's right between your eyes
I love you
I gotta love you
I'll get you
I gotta get you
Yeah I'll get you

Notes about STALKER from Database

"Stalker is a tune on the new Sonic Youth LP "Dirty." It's only available on the double vinyl versions (not on cd & cassettte) as a bonus to vinyl connoisseurs. Thurston sings it and wrote the words, so dig it."

"Stalker" was only included on the vinyl release of Dirty. For CD purists, it was later included on the Drunken Butterfly CD single (as well as a DGC promo). The song is featured on the deluxe reissue of Dirty (even worked back into the vinyl sequence for the 4xLP version). An instrumental demo version is also included, and a vocal demo that didn't make the cut was given away on volume 1 of SY's web-only Mix Tape series. On both the original 2xLP version of the album and the deluxe reissue, "Stalker" opens side 4."


Disc 1
Disc 2
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[audio:|titles=02 - Off The Wall]
Cruise Lee
by R.C. Avellanosa

I only have the compilation East Jesus from Lee and it proved surreal. Noise and all, made me stare blank on a wall and to the trees, like you were stoned or something. Made one think he's zipped to a highly industrialized zone. Sadly, following Moore and Gordon's divorce, Lee comes forever mighty. Though Sonic Youth still remains, Lee Ranaldo stepping out from the shadows and recently released his ninth solo album. Two months ago, I've heard the single "Off The Wall" from  And the video from a set at Glasslands, sounded and looked so pure, so lovely and colorful with two videos 'opacitied', for lack of a better word. Needless to say the song was great and I ended playing it over and over. The other songs speaks for itself.

I wonder why Lee never named this band on a different name rather than his own. Perhaps it's clear that he had some songs written and arranged alone. Ranaldo is backed by old friends, all-star cast including Nels Cline, Alan Licht, John Medeski, bassist Irwin Menken and longtime associate Steve Shelley (and cameos from old friends Jim O?Rourke and Bob Bert). Their styles is distinctly served as their own. It was pointed out that the collaboration wasn't made to make Ranaldo's songs better as they are. The downside is that a pitchfork review says that it is an album badly in need of editing, and rebuilding. "Some acrimony within Sonic Youth lately; maybe they could have helped?" But I don't mind. It is what it is. Lee is what it is.

Highlight: Off The Wall
"Watch me as I fall
Then scrape me off the wall
And take me home
See me as I am
Just half a man
Trying to get home"

“Songs can go a million different ways.”  Lee Ranaldo

Band Link

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


[audio:|titles=05 - Take Me Home]

He Wants To Go Home
by R.C. Avellanosa

You know it's hard to comment about an artist or a band that resides far from where you are. It brings one a vague or wrong grasp of the artist or the music. One can't know what's happening on their perspective. All you have are reviews written on paper or on the web. On the other hand, it is still the music that counts. It is the music that blinds one's taste away from the maker. It could bring him to disregard the writer. Rather focusing on the production and the genius of it. It is at times good to just appreciate the music played. It doesn't matter where or who had it made. It is the spirit of having the music played for you and for everyone who heeds.

Indie Pop and melancholic piano would best describe the Perfume Genius. Perfume Genius is Mike Hadreas. A solo artist that hailed from New York, Mike Hadreas' music stems from different emotional experiences expressed methaporically. Deep, heartbreaking and passionate like a bird in grief inside a church. For those who love music with the likes of Stephin Merrit and The Magnetic Fields, or even Drugstore, REM, and Radiohead, you should take heed. It is a revelation.

give heed to: Take Me Home

take me home
tend to me
baby, lay me down easy
for I have grown weary on my own
all alone
I wither and I bruise
I run my mouth like a fool

About TAKE ME HOME by Mike Hadreas

"It’s about that old feeling where you are out of money and options and just combing the streets for anybody that will take you wherever and you will do and be whatever they want and completely annihilate yourself as long as they keep feeding you drugs and you never have to move. Also I was just trying to write about in relationships when you are willing to give up everything and erase yourself for the other person, because you are so scared of being alone."

Band Link


[audio:|titles=Bloc Party - 02 - Mercury]

New Party
by R.C Avellanosa

This is Bloc Party's latest and 2008 release. Led by Kele, whom I regarded at first to be Jamaican by descent, is actually British born to Nigerian parents in Liverpool. He also plays the rhythm guitar for the band. This release is like their first phenomenal release 'Silent Alarm'. But I think it's faster, more upbeat and energetic. More synth and effects. Expect a different Bloc Party. According to Kele, The band wanted to make something that has a taste of R&B or electronica. The result is the combination of Silent Alarm's raw sound and the recording experience gained from A Weekend in the City. I think this must also have been inspired by their "Silent Alarm Remixed" release. It's indie rock like 'an expressway' to your skull.

Highlight: Mercury
"Mercury's in retrograde... this is not the the time to start a new life..."
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Sunday, March 18, 2012


[audio:|titles=05 - Mercury]
Almost Elusively
by R.C Avellanosa

Just when I thought I owned everything they produced. Here's their second studio album. The song Mercury sold me out. Played the song over and over. There is no confusion. There's no reason to dislike this record. It's a cross between the bunnymen and the children. What can I say? They're one of the best modern rock bands on the planet.

Highlight: Mercury
"Almost invisibly, I found that I for a moment had slipped away. Oh Mercury."

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Thursday, March 15, 2012


[audio:|titles=02 - Sublime]
My Swim Into The Blue
by R.C. Avellanosa

I first heard the Ocean Blue in 1989. I categorized their music then as New Wave. Drifting, Falling and Between Something & Nothing, never fail to awe these ears. Their self-titled debut was a treasure. A friend from high school once lent me that album. After that, I never heard from The Ocean Blue again.

It was around 1993 (cerulean none) when another friend from college told me he is into this band called The Ocean Blue. I asked and told him, "yes, love that band... drifting, falling and bet. something and nothin' heard that?" But then he was puzzled. Right then I knew, he hasn't heard the earlier songs. But it didn't matter when he showed me the '93 album, Beneath the Rhythm & Sound, and I was glad that day we played the tracks on cassette. Behold this new ('93) treasure from The Ocean Blue. The album is genuine class & ethereal magic.

And this time, I begin to revive the music of The Ocean Blue. I think one would appreciate this album more at present than before. Maybe so, maybe not. And so begins my swim deep beneath the ocean blue.

Highlight: Sublime
"It was so so so ba ba ba lime m."
"When I stopped and thought, faced the either/or"
Band Link

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