Thursday, January 9, 2014


The Absence of Presence

Just had to say that I just heard about this band from my cousin who's currently somewhere out in Norway.   And just as I was about to dig in to their music, I learned of their frontman's demise. They were apparently releasing this album when Gary Biddles died last April.2013  Biddles also sang with the band Fools Dance and was a former roadie for the band The Cure.  Details of his death was not revealed or may have been withheld for reasons unknown. 

I am immediately drawn in to listen to some of their tunes.  This unreleased album Closer , was shared on Soundcloud last March.  They released their first album Inside in 1993.  They also have some live clips on Youtube.  They were simply neat.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Top 100

I meant to post this before reaching 2014, but was obviously  preoccupied with something else. And to compile a hundred beautiful tracks really was not an easy task.  But it's only the 5th day of the New Year anyway.  Not that anyone's gonna care, I don't even know how or why I am in a way motivated into doing this. Just the same, and considering that The Soundtripper is thriving on to reach its third year this year, perhaps it still is a necessary chore to do so.

So here are 100 tracks I kept and cherished the whole year of 2013.  Some tracks were haplessly crammed in just to reach the total number of a hundred, but was careful enough to keep the list in its best shape as possible.  If you'd try to categorize them, or wonder how I came up with such list, you'd notice with careful, persistent probe that this was divided into ten genres and mixed into the blender.  Or like preparing ten ingredients and pouring them all into the boiling pot.  Just let it steam for hours to cook.  And if you don't have anything better to do, just play on.  You might just love it.

Part 01
  Part 02
Part 03

Part 04 -
Part 05 -
Part 06 -
Part 07 -
Part 08 -
Part 09 -
Part 10 -
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