Tuesday, April 5, 2016


un/Feminist Rants
by RC Avellanosa

This is sweet.  It has been a long time since and it is exciting  to hear some new tunes from Violent Femmes.   "Issues" is the catchiest.  They pretty much sound the same just like the way they were before.  And it feels just like home again, or some place familiar and comforting.  I'm not sure but this just hit it home.

Sunday, April 3, 2016


by RC Avellanosa

Well, I know I have heard this upcoming release,  I never thought it'll come this early.  Well, at some point it's bound to happen anyway.  Well I found this on Spotify.  Meaning I had to resort to this new thing.  The Spotify thing.    Well I think everyone is at their fighting stances mode.  And it will take more than a distraction to try to calm the things that go berserk wild these days.  It just might be that a generation has just tipped the balance to the point of realizing things that has to change or stay the way it was.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Spotify Stupefied
by Ryan/\/ Avellanosa

Youtube is fine, Vimeo is pleasing, Grooveshark is down, Soundcloud is great, and Spotify is unbelievable.  And I found out  hmm probably around a month ago that Genius is merging with Spotify.  This has been very awesome.  Just too awesome, that they even offered free Premium version.

I'm still not sure how to describe this group, this recording, this set of songs.  It's almost psychologically unnecessary to do so these days. With the season... the election season here and there.. campaigns everywhere. the cacophony of positive vibrations, and the clash of truth.   Say what you want, say what you will. this is cool and calming,, peaceful and serene..sing , sing sing. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016


by Rya/\/ /\vellanosa

I make it a point somehow these days not to listen too much from artists from the past especially the most famous.  And because I was made to do so, it probably is the only way to appreciate music, partly.. that I should listen more about the present or to which the present has imparted us with,  The Music Presence, the presence of Music.  But what about those that which gave us the most wondrous songs, incomparable and too distinct not to notice?  And that was the records are for?  To play it over and over and over again.

I must admit that I am really not into David Bowie, though I know he's too influential not to know.  And I can only name a few of the favorite songs he wrote like...Heroes, Ziggy Stardust and Thursday's Child.  Yes, Thursday's Child was one of the songs I had to play after learning of his demise. His demise which some would deny to have happened. Truly an icon.  Bye Mr. David Beau..oh ..David Bowie.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


 I Am still Listening
by Ryan Avellanosa y Cervantes

 Just when I'm on the verge of giving up, music. It's just a bad year. And bad years keep mounting like snakes. And for all the years that passed it seems that I must not give it up. I don't know how I should continue but I can do it one day at a time.  Music helps in many ways I can't even begin to describe.  To stay positive or stay sane, is all I need everyday.  So much so that it's the only thing that makes sense to me.

This is unfair though.  The way this has been laid out like it was something so precious that had to be cherished.  And because it just so happens that this was shared and the knowledge that it can be emulated or redone.  The way music influences another musician and how it's been played in the air for some earthling to listen to.  And perhaps it goes with the generation, the age , and the age gaps that keeps us wondering why we still exist, and why.

This is a pretty trip I must say.

Monday, November 30, 2015


Fight for Musings (Music Holiday)
by RC Avellanosa

I'm trying to find ways to make my own music but somehow it does not materialize.  Many people are doing it these days.  Anyone can, from all over the world and on places one has not even heard before.  And many of them do sound palatable to the ear.  And so it is , the circle of musical nests has produced children of equal mastery of the arts.  Technology has made it possible and made it easy to do so.  Some don't mind if they make something out of it.  Just for the fun of it perhaps, to the point of being helpless by music business mongers and parasites.

And so as a listener I do wonder sometimes, "What happens to Music without the artists?" Of course, everyone has got to have an answer or two.   It gets recorded on different ways.  I don't need to elaborate.  I'm sure you can find out how now.  But to kill or halt the music business industry may mean or just can mean a lot of things for some people.  It may just mean that the extents of its propagation may have been overused now or over-exhausted that it produced a generation of brats, immoral behavior, and disrespect not only to themselves but sadly to their own families.  I could be wrong but am sure you'd find out somewhere that somehow the idea does make sense for the type or kind of music one should listen to on moments you choose to cherish and uphold to last forever.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Mind Spells
by Ryex Whoever

I found this way back, hmmm maybe months ago, because somebody would not hold back. But of course, there are just some things one would be happy to oblige. On some days both would perhaps disagree. It's like feeling insanely sane for moments, for minutes if not hours. And there is just some music that comes and goes like boomerang, like Frisbees that’s being spun back, like an elastic band that’s pulled to hit across. And there is restlessly some music one does not want or need to listen to. Of course, it is up to the one playing it. And sometimes it’s best when one requests it to be played. While listening and writing about this music review, while it is not really a review, (an occupation of writing while playing music in the background), am not sure what to call this task. And I’m clearly getting this sense of bliss out of doing so, to no one apparently but for myself. You could describe Spacemen 3 as an alternative, post-punk, shoe gaze tribe. I should mention that they do sound a lot like J&MC. That voice and the guitar mix surely do sound just a little too distinct not to mention. Kindred spirits I suppose and the call of their time. Before, we, that includes you and I and everyone of course, especially in groups, we get to listen attentively as one. To some artist, to some musician that is playing on stage, in an auditorium, outside or wherever. And to get the point across from "who's who" who is at the helm of some kind of spell, or pressure to do so. And perhaps time and empathy has made us want to listen or even is forced to listen to or with, almost or even at times unconsciously aware of. To understand why it's made and sung for and if it is sung for fun or for pleasure or better yet again and again & again just something to waste time with. After listening to the whole album, I had this sense of longing. Just the same, it’s just a feeling, just a thought one does not need to take seriously of course. That sense of serendipity and that sense of being embraced by some invisible arms. The arms that moved the hands and the fingers that pull the strings forward, swing forth.
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