Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Recent Intrinsic
by Righex

Yes, this is kind of timely in my opinion today.  They were quite famous for their tunes like "Forgotten Years", "Shakers and Movers" and "Blue Sky Mining".

Oh well, if you're into Midnight Oil, this album is awesome if you missed it like I did.


Emotional Anxious
by Righex

This is how a band sounds like when they had more than enough partying and still find the decency to sing about it, like they're crying to someone, some entity they themselves can only deem to comprehend. 

"It's probably just my friends fucking around."

Band Link

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Sex Adventure
by Righex

This kinda lot like listening to Superchunk and Sugar.  No, more like Alternative and Indie Rock Pop + Emo.  It really feels like I am running out of things to say but this is good, really good. Who says 90's college rock is dead.  Here's an adorable Split. The kind of bands I won't hesitate to watch play live. Oh dear, split. And by the way, the last track is a Pixies cover.  

Friday, May 29, 2015


The Ides of Ride's Id of May
by Righex

Gideon stopped on his way to work to watch this band.  "Their first radio session since their return... since 1994, about the same time people were watching The Shawshank Redemption for only the first time"...

Ride.  Oh dear... need I say more.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Let's Stay Guided By Voices
by Ryeckx

One can never keep up. Not Just Robert Pollard or Tobin Sprout, this band is phenomenal. They seem not to run out of songs and releases. As of this writing the classic lineup released eight singles before the middle of the year 2013. Two singles for 2011 and four for 2012. And now it's 2k15...what the heck!

They are on their nth album release not mentioning a number of Pollard and Sprout side projects. I hear that they're still making new songs.  Every release for me is like attending a class with Bob the Professor. And the only thing left to say or ask is "Will GBV be singing in another language soon enough perhaps?"..., just saying.


Well Versed
by Ry X Av

It is the same song and the same artist, or is it? Something's definitely and distinctly different about these.  Must be, but it's played by the same artists more or less,  just might as well be the same song, the same version but it just isn't.  They're twisted, warped or something other than other one. These are remakes, live, sessions, acoustic or may just be the early versions.  You might just like it this way. Here you'll be looking or listening to them in a different way. A few are so close with their studio versions and some I'd say are plainly unusual.

01. Get A Room - Psychedelic Furs
This is an adorable acoustic version of "Get A Room" originally found on the album "The World Outside".

02. A Small Mercy - Fra Lippo Lippi
The second track on the album :Small Mercies", "A Small Mercy," is the early birth of one of Fra Lippo Lippi's future hits, "Everytime I See You."

03. Brighter - The Railway Children
The rare acoustic version of "Brighter" found on their acoustic release "Gentle Sound".

04. Hole In The Holy - Echo and the Bunnymen
A remake of my favorite "Over You".

05. Crowning Glory - The Wild Swans
A remake of the ever enchanting "The Whirlpool Heart".

06. Temptation - New Order
The 7" Version of early New Order, post Joy Division's "Temptation".

07. Think For A Minute - The Housemartins
More upbeat version of Housemartins' lovely "Think For A Minute'.

08. Another Girl, Another Planet - The Only Ones
Very close, this is from The Only Ones' John Peel Sessions.

09. I Am A Tree - Gem
Doug Gillard's "I Am A Tree", produced by Gem pre-Guided By Voices stint.

10. Nightlife Baby - The Cars
The early version of The Cars' hit "Let's Go".

11. Monkey Gone To Heaven - The Pixies
Doolittle's "Monkey Gone To Heaven", remixed version.

12. This Charming Man - The Smiths
The version that's cut from The Smiths' John Peel Sessions.


The Dry Lawn Shop
by Ryeckx

Not so long ago, there was this song and the title was Laundry Shop.  And along the waves of time of searching for the songs that'll free one's mind, out came Fuck.  And the snippets of songs from albums, in remnants, or was found to be in debris, Matador, Subpop and what was that again?  Touch and Go?...and who knows what else.  I'd rather. or just maybe share it some other time...for childish rants to confuse and ache our heads.  

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