Saturday, January 31, 2015


by RC

Sometimes it does need to be played on the right mood or somebody else around might find you going emotive again playing these kind of songs.  Well, the cover somewhat caught my eye.  And their sound speaks of a generation that remained after the grunge and alternative era, or during anyways.  Not that I am an expert about this whole thing.And since I was within the generation that produced these kinds of awesome music, let me just point out that there are a whole lot of songs and bands out there that still needs to be heard and it sometimes just take too much of my time that I don't get to produce or make my own.  Nonetheless, God has given us this opportunity to express ourselves in many different ways and this is just a a speck of it.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Floyd and the Barber Attendant
by RC

I have not really listened to the whole album yet. Really, really, am not lying.  Maybe just a a few I suppose. \

Friday, December 19, 2014


I have always been amazed as to how a good recording came to be. How they choose to find the words to express their thoughts, feelings and aspirations. Some cryptic and some are unnecessarily obvious.  But to all the things which were left untold, unplayed, unsung and unhummed, those are the songs that would stay  stored, locked and hidden somewhere.  Again, like houses in ourselves, for which our hearts are to blame.

Yes, one of the records again that accompanied me on those days I needed to be carried safely away to every hurdle I have to glide or soar through. Like defense friendly mechanisms, one has to use for one or two, or three, to the nth to be amused. 

I quote the New Radiant Storm King
"I am an Architect...toss it back and burn the slack away " (The Opposing Engineer Sleeps Alone)

I hear,  I have ears too.  And eyes that can see and read.  Senses that track my movement.  A heart that speaks from within.  Truth has its consequences.  And for all the things that we hate that goes on around and over again, pretending it does not happen.  I still believe in dreams and though I must say I do falter from time to time, the spark shall and will try remain active.  And if at times I fail, I'd be humbled, and if I succeeded at some point, I'd be honored to continue believing that things could somehow bring to light what's stuck in darkness. 

Mine was a tough one.  I meant the cross I have to carry.  Each and every one of us I suppose have their own crosses to bear, their own calling like molded to be.  The call to be this and to be that.  To find his own self to burn the light that is within.  Looking for your own shadow, chasing your own tail, blazing your own trails,  counting your blessings, thinking big, keeping track of time, making sense of your own existence, and bringing your own beer, lol .  . . 

But to find these, one must have to do it alone.    And one might perceive that its all done and begone, through all of these nonsense, meaningless pursuits, one gets to know who were those who was with you along for the ride.  Some might give up and settled for less. At present, especially when holiday comes, and merry-makings seem to distract.  For once, or should I say I've been doing it all along without even noticing it, myself.  Like blind spots, as what it is called.   And for once again, as we somehow do feel the same I suppose.  

Through all the cheers, jeers, laughter, voice and the cacophony, we as I somehow forget our own promises to do what we're really suppose to be doing.  And as our institutions may or can somehow betray, one must try and stay focused, and stay the same.  And at the same time still hold on to the torch, believing that tomorrow will bring forth another age. 

Nobody is ever perfect, as no country ever is as well.  This reality is reflected continuously and is shown all around everyday.  For whichever way we take and travel through, for every misgivings we have and we mistook for the good, or lesser into the lesser to the lesser evil, as Gods and loved ones could just guide us through, I am an architect of my own destiny as you are all as well,

Thursday, December 11, 2014


by RC

As of this writing, I am currently trying to download a flash player for this pc, just to play an online radio show from another planet to no avail. I don't know why. Something wrong with their system or something? And as of this writing too I'll be listening to the new Smashing Pumpkins release. I just grab something from Pitchfork which featured Being Beige. And to think that this place or computer shop should be faster than the usual connection considering the services they offered, but then again so what. And I yet have to listen to Billy Corgan's solo release somewhere from from a disc I burned. And whatever happened to Zwan anyways? 'Yes, I don't and I love you." It does made sense after all William H. Corgan.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Pity Pretty

IT is a little sad how some things just need to be so hard to find.  Rare are the times when I get to hear the kind of music I need to hear to get me through the day.  And because it seems that that is just the way it is, then I abdicate if that's the right word.  Though I heard a band from the Philippines who sounded pretty much anear for which I won't mention and leave to those with the candy-eared to search for.   I must say that I read about this band Pity Sex from a column somewhere which was described to sound  close to that legendary band that hailed from Scotland.

This is an EP that was released on the same year they formed in 2012.  And they are from Ann Arbor, Michigan, wherever that is.  Anyway, you might just really need to listen to this.  

Sunday, September 28, 2014


To The Net
I am about to embark to some kind of serious study when I came across this as I searched for an Avant Garde Filipino band that made a song about the most common mode of transportation here, "The Jeepney".
This is unmistakably how some computer enthusiasts might relate to. Let us support kick-ass music..Hints of Bowie, Barcelona, The Rentals, I suppose and Buggles, and Cage?

YouTube Link

Monday, September 22, 2014


By RC Avellanosa

Okay now, I'm back and a feeling a little exhausted. For some reason, I could envision that this could turn out (and hit me in the face!/kick my ass!) to be the most challenging year of my life. But perhaps I will try and continue this. Well here is a trio fronted by Sarah Catharine. She's a musician, a disc jockey, an astronomer, a music lover, a painter...and who knows what else she can do. Gorgeous and a beaut, I'd say she'd be thrilled to see these tracks posted here. And because this has got to be one of the most endearing record or music I received, I'd try to be more polite in introducing and promoting this four track.  Should this be called an EP?  A Four-Track EP, extended play?  I don't know what to call this,..but hey, I may just have to listen to this further but months have already passed and I should write about how these tracks somehow left me deadened and stuck at some point.  I learned that this trio disbanded and Sarah may have to pursue her solo career.

 And so without further ado, here's Even Atom from Erie, Pennsylvania. And to quote SC "Love it , hate it, like it, whatever... I know you're out (far away for miles) out there..."

Even Atom on My Space


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