Friday, August 8, 2014


Warlow for Rawbar

This sounds like when your band had a perfect day inside a practice studio or garage with a boombox standing somewhere.  Recording the entire play as everyone was having each and every member of the group deeply engrossed, passionately with the skill.  And though one might find it uninteresting to some who are used to hearing high or stereo mixed sound, the scout types and the prime movers or you might just call the avant-gardster types would find this very adorable and tasty since it is in its raw quality.  Not that 'RAW' anyway and whoever coined that term should be shot since having to define this sound quality as 'RAW' material is an engineer somewhere or just a fellow who needed to make it sound more pleasing or better than how it sounded originally 

Well, an alien shared a link for this EP.  And it just is sometimes confusing for me how some musicians or producers define their outputs as EP LP Studio and Demos,, Albums, Reissues, Rehashed, Versions, Remixed, Rerecorded and bah blah bah.  But there it is BARLOW.  Lower the bar, bar the low, the lowest lows to the lowest lows.  Lofi at its finest.

Monday, July 28, 2014



Well, this band's quite or I should say adorable.  The sound that'll cheer up your gloomy days I suppose.  At par with such lo-fi acts as Sentridoh,  I am eternally grateful.  If you got some headphones, earphones or the usual speakers at home or driving a bicycle, or a  motor car, perhaps this might just calm you down and ease up some nerves.

 My Pick

Monday, July 7, 2014


In Bob I Trust
by Ryex Avellanosa

I can still remember the first time I bought one of my most favorite record.  It was Sugar's Copper Blue.  The record just felt right.  The right amount of guitars that go very neat along with its other accompanying instruments.  You get to feel unusually fuzzy or something.  I didn't really care too much about who's behind the music back then.  I later found out of course that Sugar was fronted by no other than the man himself, Bob Mould.  And same as almost all Bobs, Bob Mould'd real name is Robert.  Yes, his name is Robert Arthur Mould.  His was a music I wouldn't mind listening for hours and over and over for days if not weeks. Well and it's not that hard to find that he was associated to some other past and present outfits. Blowoff, Husker Du, Loud Bomb, Sugar and Deep Dish to boot. That's it. Hope you're still soundtripping guys. And I would like to thank an alien from PA for the heads up.  I am grateful your highness.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Planet Cool

This an edited review.  And there's always this thought of having to look for other sources other than the usual record store out from where I reside. Vinyl records seem not to arrive down here anymore. Unless you are one heck of a music collector.   And turntables are hard to find these days.  If only I have saved the classic gadgets before.  But Guided By Voices continues to alarm me.  How do they do it? Look at them. United as one.

Download Link

Wednesday, March 26, 2014



Pixies III

The third of a series of Pixies EP releases completing the latest album release "Indie Cindy".  This has got to be the best among the three for me.  You can read  more about the new release on the links below.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Monday, February 10, 2014


Company Saved

Bob and the gang will keep you preoccupied.  They're practically a non-precarious act to follow.  Robert Pollard has kept Guided By Voices the kind of band that persists on a scene where others would hesitate  This attitude has produced a lot of records, daring and magical in substance, a level unsurpassed by previous and the current generation.  With Toby on the side, GBV has made the appreciation of rock music a daily routine.

NEW Guided By Voices record Motivational Jumpsuit
Album is available for pre-order and will be released February 18th.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


The Absence of Presence

Just had to say that I just heard about this band from my cousin who's currently somewhere out in Norway.   And just as I was about to dig in to their music, I learned of their frontman's demise. They were apparently releasing this album when Gary Biddles died last April.2013  Biddles also sang with the band Fools Dance and was a former roadie for the band The Cure.  Details of his death was not revealed or may have been withheld for reasons unknown. 

I am immediately drawn in to listen to some of their tunes.  This unreleased album Closer , was shared on Soundcloud last March.  They released their first album Inside in 1993.  They also have some live clips on Youtube.  They were simply neat.

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