Thursday, October 22, 2015


Mind Spells
by Ryex Whoever

I found this way back, hmmm maybe months ago, because somebody would not hold back. But of course, there are just some things one would be happy to oblige. On some days both would perhaps disagree. It's like feeling insanely sane for moments, for minutes if not hours. And there is just some music that comes and goes like boomerang, like Frisbees that’s being spun back, like an elastic band that’s pulled to hit across. And there is restlessly some music one does not want or need to listen to. Of course, it is up to the one playing it. And sometimes it’s best when one requests it to be played. While listening and writing about this music review, while it is not really a review, (an occupation of writing while playing music in the background), am not sure what to call this task. And I’m clearly getting this sense of bliss out of doing so, to no one apparently but for myself. You could describe Spacemen 3 as an alternative, post-punk, shoe gaze tribe. I should mention that they do sound a lot like J&MC. That voice and the guitar mix surely do sound just a little too distinct not to mention. Kindred spirits I suppose and the call of their time. Before, we, that includes you and I and everyone of course, especially in groups, we get to listen attentively as one. To some artist, to some musician that is playing on stage, in an auditorium, outside or wherever. And to get the point across from "who's who" who is at the helm of some kind of spell, or pressure to do so. And perhaps time and empathy has made us want to listen or even is forced to listen to or with, almost or even at times unconsciously aware of. To understand why it's made and sung for and if it is sung for fun or for pleasure or better yet again and again & again just something to waste time with. After listening to the whole album, I had this sense of longing. Just the same, it’s just a feeling, just a thought one does not need to take seriously of course. That sense of serendipity and that sense of being embraced by some invisible arms. The arms that moved the hands and the fingers that pull the strings forward, swing forth.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Whip it Good by Ryex Whoever I want music and I have to say it again & again. If I have to say it again & again & again. Or play it in my head over & over again. It keeps me healthy, it keeps me feel alive. I found this track back in July but it was featured much earlier. This is one of those that I kept stashed in and hidden somewhere on folders that refuse to not remain in me.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


by Ryan Cervantes /\\//\//\

I am totally , totally going really feeling cold playing these songs.  The words somehow do bring into reflection the things that's bothersome or discouraging.  It's the same tinge, that New Order sound.  At the moment I unusually have this free time so I tried to listen closely, I did try to listen closely, to try to find out how the songs came to be.   Now that the original bassist (Mr. Peter Hook)  is out of line, New Order still has not lost its spunky soul, continues to bring and lift the hearts of listeners who believe in their magic. For hundreds, thousands, if not million listeners who reside here in my own home country Philippines, decrepit, solid and strong homes shall remain with the spirit of the city we call New Wave.

Friday, August 21, 2015


Some Kind of Wanderful
by RC /\vellanosa

I know it's kinda like listening to some kind of a tattered piece of clothing or however you may want to call it. It may just be a piece of pattern one needs to stitch complete.  A set of ingredients to cook and serve.  Or just  something to listen to while doing something else. And the mood may just vary according to taste.  But you'll need to snap out off of it if it gets too overwhelming, puzzling or loud.  Keep abreast of how one still needs to take care of something else other than the thing you are preoccupied with, or engrossed compulsively with.  To unwind and chill out. 

The struggles one may have been at the current time and place, and the need to break out. To keep the balance right and just to appreciate the world as it is.  How it has made one strong with constant longing and searching for answers, answers, answers.  The quests and the sorrow, the guilt and the pain.  The mourning, and over-reactions, lies , hatred and betrayal.

Well, the approach of some artists to embody the kind of music they want to render might put you astray.  Because they do vary because they only relied upon their present wit and their form of expressions and quality of context may very well of course be misunderstood.  For some or a whole lot of them do suffer from delusions of god complex or the paranoia of constant prying past demons.  Music has that awesome power and magic to express all kinds of emotions.  Feelings that can't be expressed only by words and conversations, even with straightforward confrontations.  And thus, here is a little piece of magic you may or may not want to receive. Musical theory and beyond.

Friday, August 7, 2015


Toothless Grins
by RC Avellanosa

Sport your toothless grins because am about to make another Soundtripper Compilation.  This time I may have to compile songs which I've accumulated...hehe..accumulated over the past few months.   Considering the bands one gets to investigate, admire, hate, love , or searched around the internet, it is really too easy to make one, another compilation.

I heard about this band before.  Yeah, the name itself does ring a bell.  Remembering the days when there were magazines instead of the internet, to know more about a band one admires, and the history of their making, how the sound gets to be made and played.  How now... well it's spread splayed out of the net, whatever are you thinking or feeling about...


Obscurity Concurred & Conquered
by RC Avellanosa

I may have to write a longer piece of review for this.  And this do sound charming.  Well, I found them on Bandcamp too.  They do have a lot of songs.  They do have a lot of things to say I suppose.   They're like a hidden somewhere band who needed to say hidden, out of the limelight or something. And I thought that was Pete Yorn.  hehehe They have a quintessential greatest hits release too.  Oh, how wonderful... and a little pyromanic. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Hi Mother!
by RC Avellanosa

This just feels a little awful. That awful bliss if you know what I'm talking about.  This is apparently classified as shoegaze or nu-gaze rock if I'm not mistaken.  Or I don't know.  For me it sounds a bit , kinda like Tokyo Police Club and Shout Out Louds.  Along those sound and among those spunky, immutable genre, influences.  

 Well,  the first song or track These Fangs ...Hi Mom!  Hi Mother! Hi Ma! ... Hello, how are you Ma, have you had your breakfast yet?  How about some coffee?,,, No?  How about some music... Here's something Ma.  Yes,  I have been playing this all day and am  blooging for years now....You wanna read, you wanna read....:-)  Well, have an awesome day Ma.  Sending my regards, wherever you are at the moment.  Hugs.

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