Saturday, March 4, 2017


Compelling Compellation
by Ryan Cervantes Avellanosa

Well, lately it has been taking me a long time to make another set of playlist for this site. The internet seem to keep distracting me to do so.  It's like they are doing it for me.  The apps from the android does also seem to keep me from doing so.  And there are too many of them to get excited about. One can't or almost can't even be sure anymore which ones do really work or even is reliable to say the least. Some of which are really absurd.  Hahaha the boredom busters .. and I do feel that I don't need to do so anymore.  For  I am at the helm of trying to keep abreast of the latest find as I am also trying to look for the best vintage find. But who knows?  We'll never know. Because of that thing that keeps trying to tell me to keep doing so when you do not feel compelled to do so anymore.

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